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Let new blueberry plants grow for two or even three years before allowing them to set fruit.
Recommendations for Blueberry Establishment - Articles Articles
For a crop that may fruit for fifty years under the right care, it is critical to get blueberry plants off to a strong, healthy start. More
Crop Planning
Crop Planning - Articles Articles

Crop Planning

Lee Stivers

Early winter is the time to develop your crop plan for next year because it will soon be time to start seedlings and the whirlwind will begin. More
Specialty peppers. Photo: M. D. Orzolek
Production and Marketing of Specialty or Novel Vegetables - Articles Articles
Volume 1: Bitter Melon, Figs, Ginger, Globe Artichoke, Novelty Winter Squash, Specialty Peppers, Watercress More
Western Pennsylvania greenhouse operators gathered at Gumto Greenhouses on February 25th to tour the operation and to learn about energy efficiency.
Ten Easy Steps to Improve Greenhouse Efficiency - Articles Articles

Ten Easy Steps to Improve Greenhouse Efficiency

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E., Lee Stivers

Winter low temperatures and high energy prices have greenhouse operators across the state looking for ways to manage heating and power costs. More
Photo: Seedling, U.S. Department of Agriculture, (CC BY 2.0)
Understanding Seeds and Seedling Biology - Articles Articles
Most vegetable crops start their life as seeds. More
Carrot transplants are grown in large quantities in Italy. They must be transplanted before the taproot reaches the bottom of the tray cell. Photo: G. Rampinini
Which Vegetable Will We Be Transplanting Next? - Articles Articles
Growers have figured out how to transplant vegetable crops that we once thought could only be direct-seeded in the field. More
Transplanting by hand can be labor-intensive.
Taking it to the Field: Seeding and Transplanting Vegetables - Articles Articles
Stand establishment is one of the most critical steps in producing a successful crop of vegetables. More
Study circle participants share experiences around the dinner table.
Vegetable Growers Reflect on Improving Efficiency on Small Farms - Articles Articles
Vegetable growers share their experiences about how to make the most efficient use of time, tools, labor and resources on the farm. More