Brenda Brown Williams

Extension Associate


    Adult and Youth Workforce Development
    Life Skills - Decision Making, Goal Setting and Communicating
    Job Readiness - Job Search, Application, Resumes and Interviewing
    Customer Service
    Social & Business Etiquette
    Career Awareness
    Postsecondary Education







    • Chester County

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    About Me

    Brenda Brown Williams serves in the capacity of Workforce Educator for the Community & Economic Development unit. Since 2001, she has served to educate versatile populations to develop life and employment skills.

    Brenda's has a wealth of experience in education, community engagement, building relationships and revenue development. Working to educate and enhance the knowledge and skills of youth and adults, she encourages learners to fulfill their potential through gainful employment, to become more productive, valuable citizens and active community members.

    Notable awards and recognition include: Partners Award from the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania and the Henson Diversity Award from the Diversity Coordinating Committee of the College of Agricultural Sciences.


    Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology, Ohio University Master of Science in Educational Administration, Youngstown State University Certificate of Achievement, The Penn State Management Institute, Penn State University Leadership Development Certificate