Branding Assets

Getting Started

This section provides tools and guidelines for using the Penn State Extension brand correctly and consistently across all print and digital communications. The new extension mark was designed as part of the Penn State identity system, and it follows the guidelines detailed on the Penn State Visual Identity Standards site. Following is a brief summary of the guidelines. Contact the Ag Communications and Marketing team for help with branding questions.

Penn State Extension Mark

The Penn State Extension mark is the primary branding element. It is available in several file formats and color systems for digital and print media. Cick on a mark below to download it.


Penn State Extension Color Mark Logo


Penn State Extension Grayscale Logo


Penn State Extension Reversed Color Mark Logo


Penn State Extension Grayscale Reversed Logo

Mark Misuse

Do not apply additional text to the mark.

Do not use athletic or previous marks.


Our preferred color version is the two-color mark with Penn State dark blue and Penn State light blue.

Light BlueDark BlueBlack


Print: The recommended font families are Avenir (sans serif) and Serifa (serif). Print Typography - Avenir and Serifa

Web: The recommended font families are Open Sans (sans serif) and Roboto Slab (serif).Web Typography - Open Sans and Roboto Slab