Biodiesel Safety and Best Management Practices

Examine the processing and safety issues associated with making biodiesel fuel for small-scale noncommercial use and production.
Biodiesel Safety and Best Management Practices - Guides and Publications
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Biodiesel fuel is a clean, renewable fuel that can be made from various biomass oil feedstocks such as waste vegetable oil, yellow grease, animal fats, and virgin vegetable oils. The objective of Biodiesel Safety and Best Management Practices for Small-Scale Noncommercial Use and Production is to review some of the accepted practices associated with small-scale biodiesel production to make it a safe, environmentally sound practice that generates a quality product. Prospective biodiesel producers are also encouraged to use this information as they decide whether or not to begin making biodiesel.

Who is this for?

Small-scale noncommercial biodiesel producers (current and prospective)

What will you learn?

Fuel options from biomass oil feedstocks; using biodiesel (best management practices for vehicles, machinery, cold weather, and storage); transitioning to biodiesel; fuel storage; biodiesel in vehicles/machinery; cold-temperature issues; best management practices for small-scale biodiesel; regulatory issues; process hazards, safety precautions, and handling issues; chemical handling; safety gear summary; process safety and handling issues; storage issues; biodiesel quality test methods; straight vegetable oil conversions


Gregory W. Roth, Ph.D.

Craig Altemose

Dennis Elvin Buffington, Ph.D.

Glen Cauffman


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