Better Coverage From Your Backpack Sprayer

If you rely on a backpack sprayer, it is important to choose the right sprayer, calibrate correctly, measure correctly and use the right nozzles.
Better Coverage From Your Backpack Sprayer - Articles


John Grande, Snyder Research Station showing how to modify your sprayer.

Taking ten minutes to measure correctly or calibrate your sprayer is key. I wanted to share a new set of resources from John Grande, Rutgers Snyder Research Station. There are six videos and accompanying hand outs. For example, he shows two inexpensive tools to help you measure small quantities of product. A postage scale (~$25) helps you measure your dry ingredients like copper. A syringe for Dairy AI allows you to measure your liquid product (~ $0.20 ea). Calibrating your backpack sprayer is also important to make sure you apply the correct amount. Another piece you may want to consider is converting your sprayer so that you can use different tips that spray fine or large droplets. Fine droplets are important to get good coverage of the plant. Larger droplets are useful if you are concerned about drift.

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Rutgers University, Snyder Research Station