Best Practices for Canning and Freezing

Test your knowledge about home food preservation by taking our quiz.
Best Practices for Canning and Freezing - Articles


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Best Practices for Canning and Freezing Quiz - answers can be found at the end of the quiz.

  1. What is the recommended method of processing quarts of tomato juice?
    a. 15 minutes in a boiling water bath
    b. 40 minutes in a boiling water bath
    c. 10 minutes at 10 pounds pressure in a pressure canner
    d. Pour boiling juice into hot jars and skip heat processing altogether
  2. What ingredient should be added to tomato products to ensure adequate acidity for canning?
    a. Sugar
    b. Salt
    c. Bottled lemon juice
    d. Ascorbic acid
  3. What can be added to the holding water to prevent discoloration of light colored fruits when peeling them?
    a. Salt
    b. Crushed vitamin C tablets
    c. Apple juice
    d. Cornstarch
  4. What thickening ingredient is recommended in research tested recipes for use in canned pie fillings?
    a. Flour
    b. Cornstarch
    c. Regular ClearJel
    d. Tapioca
  5. Which practice prevents softening of pickles?
    a. Trim 1/16th inch from the blossom end of the cucumber
    b. Use iodized salt
    c. Use vinegar diluted to 4%
    d. Omit the processing step
  6. How can you reduce liquid loss from canned fruit or tomatoes?
    a. Heat the product and put it in the jars hot
    b. Boil jars in canner quickly over high heat
    c. Add water to come just to the neck of the jar
    d. Remove jars from the canner as soon as process time is complete
  7. What is the maximum amount of time you can wait to reprocess a jar that has not sealed?
    a. 6 hours
    b. 24 hours
    c. 2 days
    d. 2 weeks
  8. How can you reduce the likelihood of applesauce or pears becoming dark at the top of the jar?
    a. Increase the headspace
    b. Place fruit higher in the jar than the syrup
    c. Heat process the jars adequately to destroy enzymes
    d. Use a sugarless pack
  9. What is the recommended headspace for canned fruits?
    a. ¼ inch
    b. ½ inch
    c. ¾ inch
    d. 1 inch
  10. At what temperature should the freezer be maintained for long-term storage?
    a. 0°F
    b. 32°F
    c. 40°F
    d. 60°F
  11. Which food can be refrozen if it has thawed?
    a. Meat with ice crystals still in the package
    b. Ice cream
    c. Completely thawed sausage
    d. Corn that has completely thawed to room temperature
  12. Which of the listed packaging materials is best for freezing ground beef?
    a. Wax paper
    b. Plastic wrap
    c. Plastic bags marked for freezer
    d. Empty cottage cheese container
  13. How can freezer burn be avoided?
    a. Turn freezer to 38°F
    b. Buy torn or unsealed packages
    c. Remove as much air from the package as possible
    d. Use storage bags
  14. The safest method of thawing foods is?
    a. At room temperature
    b. In the refrigerator
    c. In hot water

Answers: 1 b; 2 c; 3 b; 4 c; 5 a; 6 a; 7 b; 8 c; 9 b; 10 a; 11 a; 12 c; 13 c; 14 b