Bed Bugs are Making a Comeback

Bed bugs can hitchhike from a home to a child care facility on or in children’s belongings.
Bed Bugs are Making a Comeback - Articles


If bed bugs are suspected or found in your child care facility, it is not necessary to spray the entire building with a pesticide. Take an integrated pest management approach to deal with bed bugs.

  1. Properly identify the pest. A professional entomologist can determine if the pest is in fact a bed bug. Several insect species look similar.
  2. Investigate and monitor for the presences of bed bugs. Check the areas and furniture where the children sleep.
  3. Use integrated pest management tactics to prevent bed bugs from becoming a problem or address an issue already occurring.

Remember, spraying a building for bed bugs is not necessary or effective!

For more information about integrated pest management (IPM) and steps you can take to prevent pests and keep your home, school, or child care healthy and safe, visit the website of the Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program.