Barley Yellow Dwarf Prevention Happens Now

Our most important viral disease of small grains, Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, should be on your mind as you choose your planting date this season.
Barley Yellow Dwarf Prevention Happens Now - News


Photo credit: Alyssa Collins

This season we are fairly dry in most areas in the state. As a result, corn and beans are drying down quickly, giving us an opportunity to chop, harvest and then plant wheat and other small grains early in some cases. Before you decide to move forward on getting seed in the ground, remember there are a few good reasons to wait. Last week, educator John Rowehl gave us some great tips about plant-time decisions for small grains in his article, “Eleventh Hour Reminders for Wheat Planting – Part 1”.

One of the main concerns with early planting is the increased risk for barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), a disease transmitted by cereal aphids. We typically see this disease in early planted barley and wheat, and it can be quite devastating. Winter wheat planted in 2016 seemed to show more BYDV than in previous years, so you’ll want to manage your crop now to avoid it. This "Barley Yellow Dwarf" article provides an explanation of, and management options for BYDV.