Current State, Regional, and National Officers, Council and Committee Chairs


President: Amber Yutzy (2017)

President Elect: Del Voight (2017)

Vice President: Dave Messersmith (2017)

Secretary: Kelly Patches (2017, 2nd Term)

Treasurer: Stacie Hritz (2017, 3rd Term)

Past President: Andrew Frankenfield (2017)

Membership Secretary: Nicole Carutis (2015-2017)

Life Member Representative: Robert Leiby (2016-2018)

Director: Carol Schurman (2015-2017, 1st Full Term)

Director: Diane Oleson (2016-2017, Partial Term)

Director: Emelie Swackhamer (2016-2018, 2nd Term)

Director: Dave Hartman (2016-2018, 1st Term)

Director: Christina Becker (2017-2019, 2nd Full Term)

Director: Tanner Delvalle (2017-2019, 1st Term)

Members in National NACAA Positions

Chair: Scholarship: Dwane L. Miller

Chair: Search for Excellence: Stanley McKee

Chair: Journal of NACAA: Lee Stivers

Members in Regional NACAA Positions

Committee Vice Chair: Recognition & Awards: Amber Yutzy

Committee Vice Chair: 4-H & Youth: Stacie Hritz

Committee Vice Chair: Search for Excellence: Greg Strait

Committee Vice Chair: Life Members: Eugene Schurman

Regional Vice Director: Craig Williams


State Councils & Committees

Professional Improvement Council

Miguel Saviroff , Chair
Career Dev. Committee
       Nicole Carutis, Chair

Teaching and Educational
Technologies Committee
       Gregory Martin, Chair

Agricultural Issues &
Public Relations Committee
       Andrew Frankenfield, Chair
Professional Improvement Liaisons
   Ag. Econ. & Comm. Dev.:
       Miguel Saviroff
   Agronomy & Pest Mgmt:
       John Rowehl
   Animal Science:
       Stacie Hritz
   Horticulture & Turfgrass:
       Thomas Butzler
   Natural Resource/Aquaculture:
        Susan Boser
   Sustainable Ag.:
       Mena Hautau

Program Recognition Council

J. Craig Williams, Chair

Awards & Program
Recognition Committee
   Carol Schurman, Chair
   Rob Goodling, Chair

Search For Excellence
   Thomas Butzler , Chair

    Scholarship & Professional
    Excellence  Committee
        Diane Oleson, Chair
    Program Resources
        Tom Murphy, Chair