Melanie Barkley, National Winner for Pasture Renovation Fact Sheet

Melanie's Fact Sheet on Pasture Renovation was selected as the best in the nation by her peers in the Communications Award Category at the 2015 NACAA Conference.

The Pasture Renovation fact sheet was developed as part of a Livestock Grazing Home Study Course, a six lesson course developed to teach livestock producers how to improve their pasture management skills. The publication is part of the lesson regarding pasture management. It was designed to give an overview of the various methods than can be used by livestock producers to improve pastures. The publication is part of the third lesson on pasture management. The publication was formatted to a CD and mailed out as part of the postal version of the course and was also loaded onto a website. Thirty two livestock producers (26 via internet/email and 6 via postal service) participated in the first course last fall. As a result of participating in the course, 100% of follow up evaluation respondents indicated they learned something new and 83% planned to make changes to their pasture management techniques. The publication was prepared using Microsoft Publisher software. Barkley wrote the publication, took photos, formatted the publication for print, and loaded the publication to the Penn State Extension website.