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The PACAA is your professional Extension organization. Together, we all make Extension and agriculture stronger. Membership is a great way to be connected to your peers and to develop professionally.

"Why I belong to PACAA/NACAA"

PACAA Lifetime Member Don Fretts

Primary Reason: Professional Improvement and networking with colleagues in state and nationally.

Secondarily, I have had the good fortune to participate in some of the competitive events offered both at the state and national level. As a result I think it made me work harder to get better at what I do, create opportunities for clientele to learn more effectively.

In so doing, I have achieved rewarding recognition for my efforts.

PACAA and NACAA offer opportunities to participate in state wide or national meetings. Networking and actively participating in these has broadened my horizon, and provided me with additional resources to do my job better. Making good friends statewide and nationally has become important to me now and should remain so in the future.

Being able to learn how colleagues from around the country face many of the same issues we in Pennsylvania face and how they deal with them is both educational and inspirational.

Being exposed to nationally recognized speakers at the national meeting has great value to me personally and professionally. Oh, and seeing the country isn't bad either.

Lastly, not for me, but for many of you, as you progress through the promotional process it will be more important for you to have national contacts who can review your dossier prior to being selected for promotion.

So, if any of the above is important to you, then you have good reason to join or renew your membership.

Top 11 Reasons to be a PACAA Member

  1. Professional Improvement: Association meetings include excellent professional development opportunities. A few of the workshops held recently include: Digital Imaging, Design Tips and Techniques for PowerPoint, Integrating Research and Extension, Strategies and Tips to Work with Various Media, Marketing Resources Available Through Outreach Marketing Communications, Dealing with Decreased Funding, CE Role in Homeland Security, or Enhancing Your Creativity.
  2. Get Acquainted with Peers: Association meetings allow you to get acquainted with agents across the state of Pennsylvania. You can share program ideas, work related challenges, and program materials to benefit your county program.
  3. Liaison Committees: Share your needs (and wants) with Department Heads and learn updated information available to you from individual departments within the College of Agricultural Sciences.
  4. Recognition: All agents develop outstanding programs and materials throughout the year. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your work by entering the awards and recognition programs. (You can also earn your membership dues this way!)
  5. Scholarships: PACAA offers scholarship opportunities for those wishing to find supplemental funding for further schooling or for professional development opportunities.
  6. Study Tours: The spring meeting offers opportunities for agents to study various aspects of agriculture through tours to local agricultural enterprises.
  7. Publications: Off the Cuff newsletter and The County Agent magazine - This newsletter and magazine will keep you updated of association business at both the state and national levels.
  8. Leadership Opportunities: We all know that you get out of an organization what you put into it. One way to be a part of the organization as well as improve your leadership skills is to become involved in the team that runs the organization, either as an officer or a regional director.
  9. Extension Development: You can become enhanced in general Extension training through public relations and agriculture issues, early career development, administration skills development, or teaching and educational technologies.
  10. National Meetings: A great way to develop yourself professionally is to attend a national meeting. They are held across the country each summer. You meet agents from other states, gain great program ideas, and have a great time!
  11. Promotion: The guidelines for promotion have changed recently and they now include peer recognition. The peer recognition portion requires you to find peers both within Pennsylvania and outside of Pennsylvania who support your programming efforts. You can easily meet peer agents from other states through national association meetings, and will then have a great resource for the peer recognition portion of the promotion process.

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