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Asparagus producer video explaining the benefits and drawbacks of asparagus production.
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Hi I'm Todd McDannell here at McDannell's Fruit Farm and Market.

we are a family owned and run operation.

We have a small farm market up here beside the farm house. We sell sweet corn, apples, peaches, and lots of vegetables. What are the benefits of growing asparagus to your operation? Growing asparagus allows us to open our market up a little earlier for the convienence to the customers and they can purchase some of our canned goods and we've been keeping some apples in CA storage also that are available. What are the of challenges of growing asparagus?

The biggest challenge I have is facing the weed problems during harvest time the weeds get high and wrapped around asparagus and it gets hard to keep them down. What is your marketing plan for asparagus?

I planted this asparagus patch with the intentions of just enough to provide our market and some local orders and stuff What other marketing options are available?

I get calls asking if I have any extra asparagus bundles to sell to other markets we sell sweet corn to and peaches to that are local here.

Is there anything elsa you want to say about growing asparagus?

Asparagus, there is not a lot of maintenance besides the weeds you don't have to spray them nice thing about them is you plant it once and it keeps spreading. You don't need to keep replanting.


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