Apple Insect and Mite Control Toolbox - Insecticide and Miticide Timing

Timing of a spray application in relation to insect and mite biology is important for achieving the best results.
Apple Insect and Mite Control Toolbox - Insecticide and Miticide Timing - Articles


Timing of Treatment Based on Insect or Mite Pest to be Controlled

Please refer to product labels and the Penn State Extension Tree Fruit Production Guide for details on chemical use at each timing.

½-inch green----------++++----+----+++----+++--+------
Petal fall--+++++++++++++++++--+++--+++++--++----++
First cover spray--+++++--+++--++++++--+++--++++++----+
Second cover spray++++++--+++--++++++--+++++++++++--+
Third cover spray++++++++--+++--++++++++--+++++++++++----
Fourth cover spray+++++++--+++--+++++--++--+++++++++++--
Fifth cover spray+++++++--+++--++++--+--++++++++++++++++
Sixth cover spray++--++++--++--+++++----++++++++++++++++
Seventh cover and late season sprays++--++++----+--++++++------++++++++++++--+--

++ = ideal timing of spray for insect control;

+ = presence of pest and possible control;

-- = control generally not needed

AM = apple maggot; ARM = apple rust mite; BMSB = brown marmorated stink bug; CM = codling moth; EAS = European apple sawfly; ERM = European red mite; GA = green apple aphid, spirea aphid; GFW = green fruitworm; LAW = lesser appleworm; OFM = Oriental fruit moth; OBL = obliquebanded leafroller; PC = plum curculio; PLH = potato leafhopper; RAA = rosy apple aphid; RBL = redbanded leafroller; RLH = rose leafhopper; SB = native stink bugs; SJS = San Jose scale; STLM = spotted tentiform leafminer; TABM = tufted apple bud moth; TPB = tarnished plant bug; TSM = twospotted spider mite; WAA = woolly apple aphid; WALH = white apple leafhopper

Source: Penn State Tree Fruit Production Guide