Animals in Barn Fires

This module is designed to give participants an understanding of how farm animals behave and react to fire situations.
Animals in Barn Fires - Articles


The training will involve discussion and demonstrations of the livestock industry including animal behavior, barn fire logistics, and typical injuries sustained in barn fire environments. This operations training will teach responders how to recognize and initially manage (size-up) various hazards that they will encounter while arriving at the scene of a barn fire involving farm animals.

Intended audience

emergency responders (fire, rescue, EMS, police, and CART personnel).


member of an emergency response department, agency, service, or institution.

PPE required

normal PPE required for your involvement with animal emergencies in a fire situation.


8 hours contact time:2 hours of classroom lecture/ discussion and 6 hours field exercises involving live animals and smoke conditions. Contact time does not include travel to and from the farm site nor breaks.


Minimum of 12/Maximum of 30.

Local resources needed

Classroom facility to comfortably seat registered participants for first two hours and last half hour. A local farm with livestock that will allow animal housing area (with animals) to be artificially smoked and emergency personnel to practice moving and extricating animals from this environment.

Con/Ed and certification

No continuing education credits are available at this time. All PAgricultural Rescue training courses are objective based. All participants successfully completing the training will receive a course completion certificate.