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Information on combatting yellowjackets, ticks, snakes, moles, voles, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, woodpeckers, pigeons, starlings, finches and sparrows, geese, crows, ducks, swans, rabbits, bats, skunks, groundhogs, hawks and black bears.

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Photo: Jim Occi, BugPics, Bugwood.org blacklegged tick Ixodes scapularis
Ticked Off About Ticks - Articles Articles

Ticked Off About Ticks

Sandy Feather

Pennsylvania has led the nation for the last five years in confirmed cases of Lyme disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control. More
Exposed, chewed or missing seeds in greenhouse trays are signs of mouse activity. Snap traps are an effective control measure for mice and voles if populations aren't too large.
There's a Mouse in the (Green)house! - Articles Articles
This article discusses the two most common rodent pests of greenhouses, mice and voles, and how to control them. More