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Tansparency Tube
FISH: Understanding Your Transparency Tube Measurements - Articles Articles
Part of the "First Investigation of Stream Health" activity. Transparency tubes are popular for use in stream monitoring programs. More
Bullfrog. Photo: Lesa Willis
FISH: Pennsylvania Frog and Toad Breeding Phenology - Articles Articles

FISH: Pennsylvania Frog and Toad Breeding Phenology

Jennifer R Fetter, Kristen Kyler

Part of the "First Investigation of Stream Health" activity. In central Pennsylvania there are three distinct periods in which potential species can be expected to begin breeding. More
German Yellowjackets
German Yellowjackets - Articles Articles
The German yellowjacket an invasive (non-native) species that will aggressively defend its nest and can sting repeatedly. More
Precautions for Deer Hunters in Areas with Chronic Wasting Disease
Precautions for Deer Hunters in Areas with Chronic Wasting Disease - Articles Articles
I am a deer hunter. Now that chronic wasting disease has been found in the state, are there any precautions I should take? More
Consider including violets in landscapes, or just leaving them where they are doing well. Photo: Kathleen Salisbury
Underused Native Plants: Common Blue Violets - Articles Articles
Native plants have become very popular over the years. More
Photo: Elizabeth Bush, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, - vole Microtus spp. flowering dogwood, Damage: dieback and off color foliage
Vole Control in Overwintering Nursery Stock - Articles Articles
You know the situation…you and your crew spent days cleaning, pruning and moving perennial and nursery stock into your overwintering houses. More
Shale Development: Effects on Forest Habitat and Wildlife
Shale Development: Effects on Forest Habitat and Wildlife - Webinars Webinars
Margaret Brittingham, Penn State Extension, discusses habitats and wildlife in response to development and minimizing negative impacts. More
Deer Keds
Deer Keds - Articles Articles
The deer ked is an introduced species of biting fly from Europe and Asia. It is a parasite on whitetail deer, elk, horses, cattle, and humans in North America. More
Measuring a largemouth bass from a pond.
Fish Population Exercise - Downloadable Downloadable
This quick exercise will help you to determine the Proportional Stock Density (PSD) for your pond to help in managing the bass and bluegill population. More
Native Plants of Pennsylvania
Native Plants of Pennsylvania - Webinars Webinars
Start by enjoying the natural beauty and learn to recreate part of it in your own landscape. Be enchanted by the showiest of the native perennials and see which of these you can identify in your area. More
Yellow-throated Warbler
Migration Madness: Identification of PA Migrant Songbirds - Webinars Webinars
This webinar covers the basics of bird identification and provides information on the life history, ecology, and identification of many of the migrant songbirds in Pennsylvania forests. More
Grouse and Woodcock
Grouse and Woodcock - Webinars Webinars

Grouse and Woodcock

Watch Now

Mark Banker, Senior Biologist with the Ruffed Grouse Society, discusses the life cycle, habitat needs and management of the ruffed grouse and woodcock in Pennsylvania More
Deer Habitat Management
Deer Habitat Management - Webinars Webinars
Techniques that landowners and managers can utilize to attain a white-tailed deer herd that is in balance with the forest habitat. More
USDA Forest Service, Northern and Intermountain Region, USDA Forest Service,
Wildlife Damage - CSI Wildlife - Webinars Webinars

Wildlife Damage - CSI Wildlife

Multiple Options Available

Ever wonder who assaulted your apple tree or committed a felony on your tulips? Learn crime scene investigation techniques to learn “who done it.” More
Zebra Mussel
Zebra Mussel - Videos Videos

Zebra Mussel


Zebra mussels first arrived in the United States in the 1980s. More
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