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Bedded white-tailed deer
White-tailed Deer Production - Articles Articles
White-tailed deer farming has become an established and growing industry over the past two decades. More
Red Deer
Red Deer Production - Articles Articles

Red Deer Production

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Lynn Kime

Potential producers will need to be very active in marketing their product and be aware of the special handling requirements involved with deer. More
Attracting Birds to a Feeder
Attracting Birds to a Feeder - Articles Articles

Attracting Birds to a Feeder

Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D.

Why don’t I have more birds coming to my bird feeder? More
Hummingbird Feeders
Hummingbird Feeders - Articles Articles

Hummingbird Feeders

Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D.

What is the recipe for hummingbird nectar? More
Increasing Bat Populations
Increasing Bat Populations - Articles Articles

Increasing Bat Populations

Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D.

I would like to increase the bat population around my house. What can I do? More
Management Practices for Enhancing Wildlife Habitat
Management Practices for Enhancing Wildlife Habitat - Articles Articles
By enhancing wildlife habitat on your property, you can improve the habitat quality for wildlife while increasing wildlife viewing and recreational opportunities. More
Neighborly Natural Landscaping in Residential Areas - Articles Articles
Homeowners across America are changing the face of the typical American lawn. Learn strategies for the natural landscape homeowner who is looking for neighborly ways to garden for nature. More
Protecting Birds from Cats
Protecting Birds from Cats - Articles Articles

Protecting Birds from Cats

Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D.

How can I protect birds at my feeder from cats? More
Reducing Disease Risk at Feeders
Reducing Disease Risk at Feeders - Articles Articles

Reducing Disease Risk at Feeders

Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D.

Bird feeders may help spread disease if a sick bird comes to your feeder. More
Questions on Snakes
Questions on Snakes - Articles Articles
Several frequently asked questions regarding snakes. More
Figure 1. Largemouth bass are one of the most common and prized fish in Pennsylvania ponds.
Pond Fisheries Management - Articles Articles
Discover some simple methods for fisheries management, including strategies to resolve common fish problems. More
Pond Agencies and Permits in Pennsylvania
Pond Agencies and Permits in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
Information on the role of various agencies and permits that may be required for construction or maintenance of earthen ponds. More
A crappie bass from a small pond.
Fish for Pennsylvania Ponds - Articles Articles

Fish for Pennsylvania Ponds

Bryan Swistock, Jay Stauffer, Jr., Ph.D.

Dozens of fish species are suitable for stocking in Pennsylvania ponds, but some species are usually more successful than others. More
After restoring your stream side property, how can you measure the success of your efforts?
First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH) Protocol - Articles Articles
Do you enjoy outdoor activities? Become a citizen scientist. First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH) monitors changes to local streams and their habitats. More
Photo: Bryan Swistock, Penn State University
Winterkill in Ponds - Articles Articles

Winterkill in Ponds

Diane Oleson, M.S.

In the winter water gets much colder and ice may cover the top of the pond for an extended period of time. How does this affect the animals living in the pond? More
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