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Preventive Controls for Animal Food
Preventive Controls for Animal Food - Workshops Workshops

Preventive Controls for Animal Food


Mercer, PA

Provides the credentials to meet FDA requirements for development and implementation of a preventive system for food safety as stated within the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations. More
Successful sheep production in SW PA often takes advantage of pasture resources.
So You Want to Raise Sheep or Goats? - Workshops Workshops
Discover production basics for raising sheep and goats. More
Sheep Shearing Instruction
Sheep Shearing Instruction - Workshops Workshops
Finding someone to shear sheep is becoming more difficult and expensive every year. More
Sheep Shearing Workshop
Sheep Shearing Workshop - Workshops Workshops
New producers and future producers should plan to attend a Sheep Shearing Workshop! More
Vaccinating is one method to prevent disease issues with lambs and goats.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Health Care - Workshops Workshops
Good health care is crucial to efficient and profitable sheep and goat operations. More
Sheep and goat producers should keep good records not only for production, but also for financial management.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Financial Management - Workshops Workshops
Financial management of sheep and goat operations involves a variety of income and expenses. More
Lamb and kid survival is important to the overall success of a flock or herd
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Lambing and Kidding - Workshops Workshops
Lambing and kidding success is an integral part of running an efficient and profitable sheep or goat operation. More
Cattle grazing in silvopasture at Forks Farm in Columbia County, Pennsylvania
Central Susquehanna Valley Beef Producer Twilight Meeting - Workshops Workshops
The twilight meeting will feature discussion on the development and management of silvopasture. More
Ewes and does should be in good body condition prior to the breeding season.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Breeding Season Preparation - Workshops Workshops
A successful lambing or kidding season begins with breeding season preparations. More
The Next Steps in Raising Sheep or Goats - Workshops Workshops
Fencing, Feeding, Nutrition, Grazing and Selecting a Startup Flock or Herd will be covered in this session of the North Central, PA Small Ruminant Series. More