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Sheep Scanning Certification
Sheep Scanning Certification - Workshops Workshops

Sheep Scanning Certification


University Park, PA

Livestock producers are invited to attend and learn about scanning live animals to measure carcass merit. More
Understanding when to market lambs can lead to higher prices.
Profitable Lamb and Wool Marketing - Workshops Workshops

Profitable Lamb and Wool Marketing


Leesport, PA

There are many options for marketing sheep, lambs, wool, and goats in Pennsylvania. This ranges from marketing breeding stock, weaned lambs or kids, and finished market animals to marketing wool and value added products. More
Although this manure application may have met setback, ground cover and slope guidelines, the photo highlights risk associated with winter manure application. The loss of nutrients is an economic and agronomic loss for the farm.
Behind in Manure Application? Please Move Forward Smartly - Articles Articles
Weather can be extremely challenging when it comes to timely manure application. The following principles should be considered when making plans for your next weather-delayed application. More
Sheep and Goat Health Care Workshop
Sheep and Goat Health Care Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Sheep and Goat Health Care Workshop


Sweden Valley, PA

Producers are invited to join us for this informational sheep and goat workshop. More
Grazing 101: Sustainable Pasture Management for Livestock
Grazing 101: Sustainable Pasture Management for Livestock - Online Courses Online Courses
Learn how to sustainably manage beef cattle, sheep and meat goats on pasture. Understand the variables concerning grazing systems, paddocks, fencing, and forage quality. More
Foot trimming is one basic practice that all sheep and goat producers should be able to perform.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Hands-On Management Practices - Workshops Workshops
Sheep and goat production requires many skills to handle basic livestock management practices. More
Livestock selection principles should take into account both performance information and visual appraisal characteristics.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Selection Principles - Workshops Workshops
Selecting livestock that best matches resources on the farm and local markets is a key to profitable sheep and goat production. More
Pasture often provides a large portion of a sheep's daily ration.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Nutrition School - Workshops Workshops
Nutrition plays a major role in producing efficient and healthy animals. More
Small Ruminant Housing: Proper Airflow is Important
Small Ruminant Housing: Proper Airflow is Important - Articles Articles
When winter and cold weather arrive goats and sheep spend more time indoors. With this change in management comes needed attention to airflow and adequate ventilation of animal housing. More
The Next Steps in Raising Sheep or Goats - Workshops Workshops
Fencing, Feeding, Nutrition, Grazing and Selecting a Startup Flock or Herd will be covered in this session of the North Central, PA Small Ruminant Series. More
Cell-culture Technology and Potential Impacts on Livestock Production
Cell-culture Technology and Potential Impacts on Livestock Production - News News
Cell-culture based production of meat is expanding in the food industry. Understand the potential impacts to your herd to prepare for this new frontier in meat production. More
Poison hemlock in the spring time along a fencerow. Image from Ohio State University.
Livestock Producers Should Recognize and Manage Poison Hemlock - Articles Articles

Livestock Producers Should Recognize and Manage Poison Hemlock

Dwight Lingenfelter, William S. Curran, Ph.D.

“This is the time of year when you start to notice poison hemlock. Best management practices should take place before it flowers, produces more seed, and continues to spread”. More
Grazing Residue Height Matters
Grazing Residue Height Matters - Articles Articles

Grazing Residue Height Matters

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D.

It is important to remember to keep an eye on residue heights to eliminate over-grazing and the problems that occur as a result. More
In Search of the Perfect Brood Ewe
In Search of the Perfect Brood Ewe - Articles Articles
Items to think about as you search for the perfect brood ewe to fit your farm resources and your management style. More
Use Birth Weight as a Selection Tool
Use Birth Weight as a Selection Tool - Articles Articles
The use of National Sheep Improvement Program estimated breeding values (EBVs) can help a producer utilize lamb birth weights as a selection tool. More
Most forages and a good quality mineral mix meet nutritional requirements of mature ewes. But, ewes will need additional mineral supplements, particularly during the last third of gestation. Photo: Melanie Barkley, Penn State
Are Your Sheep Consuming Enough Calcium? - Articles Articles
Minerals are essential to support skeletal and nervous system functions. But, have you balanced your current mineral program lately with the forages and other feeds that your sheep are consuming? More
Ewes and does should be in good body condition prior to the breeding season.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Breeding Season Preparation - Workshops Workshops
A successful lambing or kidding season begins with breeding season preparations. More
Cattle grazing in silvopasture at Forks Farm in Columbia County, Pennsylvania
Central Susquehanna Valley Beef Producer Twilight Meeting - Workshops Workshops
The twilight meeting will feature discussion on the development and management of silvopasture. More
Overgrazing pastures compromises pasture production and exposes the soil to erosion
Avoid Overgrazing Your Pastures - Articles Articles

Avoid Overgrazing Your Pastures

Justin Brackenrich, Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

The summer is upon us and cool season grasses are slowing down their growth. This is the time to pay attention so you don’t overgraze those pastures. More
Hairy vetch, rye, annual ryegrass, and clover cover crop being grazed. Photo Credit: Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State University
Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops - Articles Articles

Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Grazing has been largely excluded from our croplands but is receiving new interest as an additional profit center for farmers as well as a way to improve soil. More
Sheep and goat producers should keep good records not only for production, but also for financial management.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Financial Management - Workshops Workshops
Financial management of sheep and goat operations involves a variety of income and expenses. More
Lamb and kid survival is important to the overall success of a flock or herd
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Lambing and Kidding - Workshops Workshops
Lambing and kidding success is an integral part of running an efficient and profitable sheep or goat operation. More
Vaccinating is one method to prevent disease issues with lambs and goats.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Health Care - Workshops Workshops
Good health care is crucial to efficient and profitable sheep and goat operations. More
Agricultural Careers Online Course
Agricultural Careers Online Course - Webinars Webinars

Agricultural Careers Online Course

07:00 PM 03/07/2019 - 08:30 PM 04/11/2019

Join us for these weekly webinars as we cover a wide variety of interests that can pair your passions with a future career! More
Grazing Warm-Season Annuals
Grazing Warm-Season Annuals - Webinars Webinars

Grazing Warm-Season Annuals

Watch Now

1 hour

This webinar discusses the role and management of warm-season annuals in a grazing system. More
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