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Boarding Horses
Boarding Horses - Articles Articles

Boarding Horses

Donna Foulk, Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

Many people enjoy activities involving horses; however, they don't have the facilities to house their animals. More
Mortality Composting Guidelines
Mortality Composting Guidelines - Articles Articles
Rendering changes and the livestock Industry, basic mortality composting procedures, and the composting process. More
Proper handling of vaccines will help to insure that ewes remain healthy and produce healthy and vigorous lambs.
Proper Handling of Livestock Vaccines - Articles Articles
Looking at a group of healthy sheep peacefully grazing while their lambs bounce around the pasture can be a very satisfying experience. More
Biosecurity - A Practical Approach
Biosecurity - A Practical Approach - Articles Articles

Biosecurity - A Practical Approach

Ernest Hovingh, DVM, PhD

Biosecurity is a set of practices employed to prevent the importation of infectious organisms into a herd or flock, and their transmission between animals. More
Safety First with Livestock
Safety First with Livestock - Articles Articles
Every year, hundreds of accidents occur on the farm whether it’s caused by livestock, tractors, machinery, or mistakes. More
Introduction to Livestock Production
Introduction to Livestock Production - Articles Articles
Livestock production may take many forms and, depending on your facilities, you may be able to combine several enterprises on your farm. More
Safely Making and Handling Large Package Hay Bales
Safely Making and Handling Large Package Hay Bales - Articles Articles
Shortage of labor and the need to rapidly harvest hay in its prime condition continues to increase the use of large package hay balers. More
Mold and Mycotoxin Problems in Livestock Feeding
Mold and Mycotoxin Problems in Livestock Feeding - Articles Articles
This article explores effects of mycotoxins on animals, testing feeds for toxins, dealing with contaminated feeds, and limiting mycotoxin production. More
Upgrade Options and Common Pitfalls for Farm Lighting
Upgrade Options and Common Pitfalls for Farm Lighting - Articles Articles
We'll discuss some of the more common problems you can avoid without too much trouble. More
Fall Management for Pastures: Renovate or Restore?
Fall Management for Pastures: Renovate or Restore? - Articles Articles
Late summer and early fall is an excellent time to renovate and restore pastures. More
Confined Space Manure Gas Monitoring
Confined Space Manure Gas Monitoring - Articles Articles
A gas monitor with remote sampling enables measurements to be taken by workers located safely outside the storage facility. More
Figure 1. Animal handling may range from moving groups of animals to leading an individual animal by halter (Picture courtesy of North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks,
Animal Handling Tips - Articles Articles

Animal Handling Tips

Dennis Murphy, Ph.D.

Many farm people have never stopped and actually analyzed why animals behave as they do and, more importantly, what this behavior may mean to their own personal safety. More
Poisonous Pasture Weeds
Poisonous Pasture Weeds - Articles Articles

Poisonous Pasture Weeds

Marvin Hall, Ph.D., William S. Curran, Ph.D., Dwight Lingenfelter

Grazing animals will very rarely eat poisonous weeds if there are other options. However, the wet weather has been great for poisonous plant growth and the concern is heightened. More
Blooming multiflora rose in a pasture.
Multiflora Rose Control in Pastures - Articles Articles
The spread of multiflora rose in PA caused it to be designated as a noxious weed. Multiflora rose can be controlled but it takes considerable effort. More
Equine Identification Program
Equine Identification Program - Articles Articles
Information on the Animal Disease Traceability program, procedures for horse microchip implantation and premise registration. More
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