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"Tuli-Toto" by smerikal - CC BY-SA 2.0 Flickr
Pasture Management by the Seasons - Articles Articles
Pasture management can be a lot of work- here's how to break down your planning by the season. More
Manure Fertilizer, Photo Credit: Nicole Santangelo, PSU
Is Your Farm Ready for Inspection? - Articles Articles
By the end of 2018, 1 in 5 Pennsylvania farms within the Chesapeake Bay watershed will have been visited by the Chesapeake Bay Agricultural Inspections Program. More
Older Horse Care
Older Horse Care - Articles Articles

Older Horse Care

Ann M. Swinker

Horse owners need to consider different and special care for the aging horse. More
Noxious Weed - Catsear
Noxious Weed - Catsear - Articles Articles
Catsear (Hypochaeris radicata or Hypochoeris radicata), also known as flatweed, cat's ear or false dandelion, is a perennial, low-lying herb often found in lawn. More
Begin Your Horse’s Spring Grooming
Begin Your Horse’s Spring Grooming - Articles Articles
Spring grooming of the horse assists in promoting a clean, shiny coat and skin. More
Choosing A Nutrient Management Planner Choosing A Nutrient Management Planner - Articles
Pennsylvania agricultural operations that are designated Concentrated Animal Operations or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are required to implement an approved nutrient management plan. More
Pennsylvania's Nutrient Management Act (Act 38): Who Is Affected?
Pennsylvania's Nutrient Management Act (Act 38): Who Is Affected? - Articles Articles
Learn how to calculate the animal density of an agricultural operation to determine if it is a Concentrated Animal Operation (CAO) and thereby required to implement an Act 38 nutrient management plan. More
Manure Spreader Calibration
Manure Spreader Calibration - Articles Articles
Manure spreader calibration is an essential and valuable nutrient management tool for maximizing the efficient use of available manure nutrients. More
Nutrient Management Legislation in Pennsylvania
Nutrient Management Legislation in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
Summarizes the nutrient management provisions of Act 38 in Pennsylvania and the regulations that went into effect October 1, 2006. More
Equine Identification Program
Equine Identification Program - Articles Articles
Information on the Animal Disease Traceability program, procedures for horse microchip implantation and premise registration. More
August Moon Farm
August Moon Farm - Articles Articles
August Moon Farm, located in East Nottingham, Chester County, PA, has been recognized by Penn State Extension as an Environmentally Friendly Farm. More
Common Sense Fencing for Horses
Common Sense Fencing for Horses - Articles Articles
Is the fence visible? Any fence type to be safe and reliable requires planning and proper instillation. More
Managing Toxic Pasture Plants Managing Toxic Pasture Plants - Articles
There are hundreds of plants in North America that can be poisonous to horses. More
Black nightshade (Solanum nigrum)
Plants Toxic to Horses - Articles Articles
Horse owners should learn to recognize toxic plants, and be aware of the symptoms they can cause. More
Figure 1. Disc and Contractor's Flag Pin.
Pasture Evaluation: Equine Pasture Evaluation Disc - Articles Articles
The Penn State Equine Pasture Evaluation Disc (EPED) can be used to document the concentration of weeds and desirable plants in pastures. More
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