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Information on equine health including managing parasites, ticks, and insects, as well as toxic plants or weeds and West Nile virus, equine herpes and colic. Tips on dealing with spring grooming, care of older horses, laminitis, and fire safety.

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Filth Fly Control on Horse Farms
Filth Fly Control on Horse Farms - Articles Articles
Common Filth Flies in Equine Facilities and Control Options More
Humane Issues and Statutes Related to Horse Ownership in PA
Humane Issues and Statutes Related to Horse Ownership in PA - Webinars Webinars
Pennsylvania has recently updated the animal cruelty statutes. Learn about regulations that affect horse welfare, which don't always match regulations that focus on pet ownership. More
Horse Health Symposium
Horse Health Symposium - Workshops Workshops
Learn more about how to maintain a healthy horse. More
Horse Hay - Danielle N. Smarsh, Ph.D.
Mold and Mycotoxins in Horse Hay - Articles Articles
Hay with a high moisture content is at risk for developing mold. There are a variety of health risks for horses that consume moldy hay. More
Grass hay DV 3, by Danielle Smarsh
Risk of Botulism, Mold and Toxins in Feed - Webinars Webinars
Do you know the B-M-T risk of your horse’s feeding program? More
Mosquito_CC BY-SA 3.0 wikimedia
Remember to Vaccinate your Horse for West Nile Virus! - News News
Cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) have been reported in humans and horses this year. All horses should be vaccinated for WNV, and even vaccinated horses should receive a booster vaccine for optimal protection. More
4-H Quality Animal Management Training for Leaders - Equine Phase
4-H Quality Animal Management Training for Leaders - Equine Phase - Workshops Workshops
Deepen your understanding of equine quality animal management by attending this workshop! More
Cicuta_virosa_Myrkkykeiso_IMG_0357_C by Anneli Salo, CC BY-SA 3.0, From Wikimedia Commons
Toxic Plants in Horse Pastures - Webinars Webinars
Find out which common and uncommon pasture plants could make your horse sick. More
Tall Fescue poses a threat to grazing broodmares. Photo: Danielle N. Smarsh, Ph.D
Tall Fescue: Potential Problem for Pregnant Broodmares - Articles Articles
While tall fescue is not harmful to most horses, pregnant broodmares can develop fescue toxicosis if they eat endophyte-infected tall fescue. More
Horses and Flies - Louis 'lostinfog' - CC BY-SA 2.0 Flickr
Dismiss the Myths: Fly Control on Equine Facilities - Webinars Webinars
Learn about the different types of flies commonly found on horse farms, and develop a plan to control them. More
Improving Your Horsemanship Skills
Improving Your Horsemanship Skills - Workshops Workshops
Bring your horse and enhance your horsemanship skills! More
image source:
Spring Vaccines for Your Horse - Articles Articles
Basics of vaccines and which ones to give your horse in the spring. More
Managing Equine Parasite Resistance: The New Protocol - Webinars Webinars
Topics will include: why we are seeing parasite dewormer resistance, the proper way to deworm horses using fecal egg counts, and how to make it work on your farm. More
Agricultural Careers Online Course
Agricultural Careers Online Course - Webinars Webinars

Agricultural Careers Online Course

07:00 PM 03/07/2019 - 08:30 PM 04/11/2019

Join us for these weekly webinars as we cover a wide variety of interests that can pair your passions with a future career! More
Learn to Manage Parasite Resistance on Your Farm
Learn to Manage Parasite Resistance on Your Farm - Workshops Workshops
Learn how to manage parasite resistance on your farm. More
"Two horses heads facing the same way" by Graham Dean on CC BY-SA 2.0
New Website Part of National Equine Health Plan - News News
A new website has been launched to improve and track horse health nationwide. More
Current Issues in Equine Health
Current Issues in Equine Health - Workshops Workshops
As a horse owner, you want to do your best to maintain your horse’s health. But is it possible that you are unaware of some potential threats? Join us for this conference and receive current, research-based information. More
Image credit: A. Kocher, Penn State
Penn State Horse Show Judges School - Workshops Workshops
Learn about horse show judges and show management at this workshop for both youth and adults! More
Older Horse Care
Older Horse Care - Articles Articles

Older Horse Care

Ann M. Swinker

Horse owners need to consider different and special care for the aging horse. More
Begin Your Horse’s Spring Grooming
Begin Your Horse’s Spring Grooming - Articles Articles
Spring grooming of the horse assists in promoting a clean, shiny coat and skin. More
Being Prepared for the Worst: Develop a Health Care Plan for your Horse
Being Prepared for the Worst: Develop a Health Care Plan for your Horse - Articles Articles
When acquiring ownership, you assumed responsibility for the health and welfare of your horse. More
Equine Environmental Stewardship Short Course
Equine Environmental Stewardship Short Course - Workshops Workshops
Horse farm owners, managers, and individuals planning to start a new farm are invited to attend the Equine Environmental Stewardship Short Course. More
Plants Toxic to Horses - Articles Articles

Plants Toxic to Horses

Donna Foulk

Horse owners should learn to recognize toxic plants, and be aware of the symptoms they can cause. More
Program participants learned about parasite life cycles through lectures and demonstrations.
Parasite Program Results - Articles Articles

Parasite Program Results

Donna Foulk, Ed Jedrzejewski, Heather Stofanak

Reducing Parasite Resistance on Equine Operations Using a Comprehensive Whole Farm Approach More
Equine Pasture Walk
Equine Pasture Walk - Workshops Workshops
Pasture walks allow you to see Best Management Practices in action and think about how you could use them on your own farm. More
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