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Good business management skills are essential in the equine industry. Find best management practices, including fence planning and stall design, an economic impact study and information on boarding horses and biosecurity.

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Pennsylvania is a Top Ten Horse State - News News
The results of the American Horse Council 2017 survey are now available, and include information on the number of horses, economic impact, and other equine data in the U.S. and in Pennsylvania. More
Image credit: A. Kocher, Penn State
Penn State Horse Show Judges School - Workshops Workshops
Learn about horse show judges and show management at this workshop for both youth and adults! More
Partial Budgeting
Partial Budgeting - Online Courses Online Courses

Partial Budgeting


2 hours

Partial budgeting is a tool that helps farm managers assess the possible financial impact of a change in resources, such as purchasing new equipment. More
Boarding Horses
Boarding Horses - Articles Articles

Boarding Horses

Donna Foulk, Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

Many people enjoy activities involving horses; however, they don't have the facilities to house their animals. More
2003 Economic Impact and Population Study
2003 Economic Impact and Population Study - Articles Articles
In 2003, the equine industry provided 20,300 jobs to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. More