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Find educational material about dairy cattle, including nutrition and feed management, health and care, reproduction, facilities and technology, and business management from Penn State Extension.

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Dairy Outlook: January 2018 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: January 2018

David L. Swartz, Robert C. Goodling, Jr., Virginia A. Ishler, Timothy Beck

Current predicted Class III price for the first 11 months of 2018 is averaging $14.57/cwt. To face the year with optimism is to be sure dairy producers really understand their cost of production. More
Implants used in cattle increase feed efficiency. (Photo Credit: PA Beef Producers Working Group)
2017 Dairy Beef Wrap-up: Implant Demonstration - Articles Articles
Continuing information on optimizing Holstein steers for the beef market. This 2017 demonstration emphasized steroidal implants used to promote growth. More
Photo credit: Mat Haan
Using Activity Systems to Monitor Dry and Transition Cows - Articles Articles
Preliminary data from a case study shows differences in daily activity and rumination patterns of healthy and sick cows. More
Photo credit: Matt Gabler
Dairy Sense: Know Your Herd’s Feed Costs? - Articles Articles
Maintaining positive cash flow on dairy farms requires good management of cropping, feeding, and financials. More
Photo credit: Dave Swartz
Dairy Sense: The Major Influencer of Cash Flow Mechanics - Articles Articles
Focus on total pounds of milk produced, not milk per cow, for positive cash flow. More
Photo credit: Amber Yutzy
Maintaining a Low Somatic Cell Count During the Winter - Articles Articles
High somatic cell count is directly correlated to poor udder cleanliness. More
R. Goodling Penn State
Dairy Outlook: December 2017 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: December 2017

David L. Swartz, Robert C. Goodling, Jr., Timothy Beck, Virginia A. Ishler

The milk price forecast for 2018 is starting to solidify, and good news is hard to find. U.S. milk production growth has slowed, but global supply is still hampering future price increases. More
Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop
Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop - Articles Articles

Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop

Coleen M. Jones, Jud Heinrichs

Annual event provides continuing education for feed industry professionals. More
Why Cows Don't Get Pregnant
Why Cows Don't Get Pregnant - Articles Articles
Dairy cows don't always conceive after the first insemination attempt. There are a variety of causes that may contribute to conception failure. More
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Dairy Outlook: November 2017 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: November 2017

David L. Swartz, Robert C. Goodling, Jr., Timothy Beck, Virginia A. Ishler

Markets continue to move sideways with little prospect for forecast price improvement. None of the factors that are well known give much optimism for price improvement More
Dairy Sense: Reviewing the DHIA 202 Sheet
Dairy Sense: Reviewing the DHIA 202 Sheet - Articles Articles
Records and data are common place when operating a dairy. The dairy herd information association (DHIA) provides both a holistic and current overview of what is happening with the cows. More
Photo credit: Shannon Wingert
Milk Price, Feed Cost, and Margin: A Historical Perspective - Articles Articles
Fluctuating milk prices and feed costs stress dairy operations' cash flow. Making decisions based on milk margin and income over feed cost are crucial to profitability. More
Photo credit: Mauricio Rosales
¿Está Vigilando de Cerca a Sus Vacas de Transición? - Articles Articles
En el ganado lechero, el período de transición se caracteriza por una serie de cambios metabólicos y prácticas de manejo que pueden tener un impacto en la salud y la productividad de las vacas. More
Photo credit: Mauricio Rosales
Are You Keeping A Close Eye To Your Transition Cows? - Articles Articles
The transition period for dairy cows is characterized by a number of metabolic changes and management practices that impact health and productivity. Monitoring strategies minimize negative effects. More
Photo credit: Andrew Sandeen
More Progesterone, Please - Articles Articles
Progesterone is essential for normal reproductive cycling; it inhibits estrus and controls follicle growth. But, some high-producing dairy cows have too little in circulation. More
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