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Information on managing milking systems, processes, production, milk quality, milk fat and flavor, protein content of milk, and raw milk and pasteurization. In-depth instruction on dairy herd feeding and nutrition, grazing, udder health and mastitis.

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¿Está Vigilando de Cerca a Sus Vacas de Transición? - Articles Articles
En el ganado lechero, el período de transición se caracteriza por una serie de cambios metabólicos y prácticas de manejo que pueden tener un impacto en la salud y la productividad de las vacas. More
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Are You Keeping A Close Eye To Your Transition Cows? - Articles Articles
The transition period for dairy cows is characterized by a number of metabolic changes and management practices that impact health and productivity. Monitoring strategies minimize negative effects. More
Transition Cow Management
Transition Cow Management - Workshops Workshops

Transition Cow Management

Multiple Options Available

Transition Cow Management will feature the science and practices to improve the performance of transition cows. More
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Using Our Senses to Troubleshoot Milk Quality Issues - Articles Articles
Changes in milk odor, taste, or appearance could reflect issues with animal health, milking equipment, sanitation, nutrition, or ventilation. More
Best Milking Practices Evaluating Your Routine
Best Milking Practices Evaluating Your Routine - Webinars Webinars
Best Milking Practices is a program offered to dairy producers, employees, and milkers to help increase the quality of milk that is produced in Pennsylvania. More
Milk Quality and Robotic Milking Systems
Milk Quality and Robotic Milking Systems - Webinars Webinars
Management strategies to achieve high quality milk are discussed. More
Customized Dairy Heifer Growth Chart
Customized Dairy Heifer Growth Chart - Articles Articles

Customized Dairy Heifer Growth Chart

Coleen M. Jones, Jud Heinrichs

Generates a growth chart from mature size and age at first calving. Compares heifer performance to growth required to meet herd goals, not to a breed standard. More
Mejores Prácticas de Ordeño
Mejores Prácticas de Ordeño - Articles Articles

Mejores Prácticas de Ordeño

Amber Yutzy, Mauricio Rosales

Versión en español de la lista de "Mejores prácticas de ordeño". More
Dairy Discussions
Dairy Discussions - Workshops Workshops

Dairy Discussions

Multiple Options Available

An informal opportunity to discuss issues that are important for you and your dairy operation in a round-table discussion format More
Somatic Cell Counts - How Low is Too Low?
Somatic Cell Counts - How Low is Too Low? - Articles Articles
The pursuit of lower somatic cell counts to achieve milk quality goals leads some to wonder if the cow's immune response is compromised. More
Best Milking Practices
Best Milking Practices - Online Courses Online Courses

Best Milking Practices


6 hours

This online course teaches dairy producers and handlers about the best management and milking practices to prevent mastitis and to maximize production. More
Risk Assessment: Residues in Raw Milk
Risk Assessment: Residues in Raw Milk - Articles Articles
A checklist to determine the risk of antibiotic residues in raw milk. More
Figure 1. Conversion of glucose to acetate. Source: "Digestion: The Fermentative Processes"
Ionophores: A Technology to Improve Cattle Efficiency - Articles Articles
This article explains how the use of ionophores--antibiotics that shift ruminal fermentation patterns--can improve cattle production efficiency. More
Raw Milk Quality
Raw Milk Quality - Webinars Webinars

Raw Milk Quality

Watch Now

On farm factors such as cleaning and sanitizing, and temperatures affect the finished product shelf life, flavor, and quality More
Natural Ventilation for Freestall Barns
Natural Ventilation for Freestall Barns - Articles Articles

Natural Ventilation for Freestall Barns

Robert Graves, Ph.D., P.E.

Cows continuously produce heat and moisture so a ventilation system is necessary to continuously exchange inside air for drier, cooler outside air. More
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