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Information on managing milking systems, processes, production, milk quality, milk fat and flavor, protein content of milk, and raw milk and pasteurization. In-depth information on udder health and mastitis.

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Buenas Prácticas de Ordeño
Buenas Prácticas de Ordeño - Online Courses Online Courses

Buenas Prácticas de Ordeño


6 hours

Este curso en línea enseña a productores de ganado lechero y a sus trabajadores sobre las mejores prácticas de manejo y ordeño para prevenir la mastitis y maximizar la producción. More
Implants used in cattle increase feed efficiency. (Photo Credit: PA Beef Producers Working Group)
2017 Dairy Beef Wrap-up: Implant Demonstration - Articles Articles
Continuing information on optimizing Holstein steers for the beef market. This 2017 demonstration emphasized steroidal implants used to promote growth. More
Photo credit: Amber Yutzy
Maintaining a Low Somatic Cell Count During the Winter - Articles Articles
High somatic cell count is directly correlated to poor udder cleanliness. More
Calf Barn
Technology Tuesdays - Webinars Webinars

Technology Tuesdays

Multiple Options Available

This series of free webinars is geared toward dairy producers, employees, and agribusiness professionals. More
Dairy Farms
Dairy Management Mondays - Webinars Webinars

Dairy Management Mondays

Multiple Options Available

1 hour

Designed for dairy producers, their employees and advisors, this series includes presentations on topics important to the management of the dairy farm. More
Photo credit: Ginger Fenton
Using Our Senses to Troubleshoot Milk Quality Issues - Articles Articles
Changes in milk odor, taste, or appearance could reflect issues with animal health, milking equipment, sanitation, nutrition, or ventilation. More
Best Milking Practices Evaluating Your Routine
Best Milking Practices Evaluating Your Routine - Webinars Webinars
Best Milking Practices is a program offered to dairy producers, employees, and milkers to help increase the quality of milk that is produced in Pennsylvania. More
Best Milking Practices Mastitis Costs and Culturing
Best Milking Practices Mastitis Costs and Culturing - Webinars Webinars
This webinar explores the costs associated with mastitis. More
Milk Quality and Robotic Milking Systems
Milk Quality and Robotic Milking Systems - Webinars Webinars
Management strategies to achieve high quality milk are discussed. More
Milking System Operation and Maintenance
Milking System Operation and Maintenance - Webinars Webinars
The milking system is one of the most important pieces of 'harvesting' equipment on a dairy farm. More
Nutrition may help prevent mastitis
Nutrition, Immunity and Mastitis - Articles Articles

Nutrition, Immunity and Mastitis

Robert J. Van Saun, DVM, MS, PhD

The role of nutrition in mastitis prevention is reviewed relative to its impact on immune response of dairy cows More
Mejores Prácticas de Ordeño
Mejores Prácticas de Ordeño - Articles Articles

Mejores Prácticas de Ordeño

Amber Yutzy, Mauricio Rosales

Versión en español de la lista de "Mejores prácticas de ordeño". More
California Mastitis Testing for Dairy Cows
California Mastitis Testing for Dairy Cows - Videos Videos
In this video, you will learn how to perform a simple mastitis test called the California Mastitis Test. This test will help to decrease mastitis on your farm. More
Dairy Discussions
Dairy Discussions - Workshops Workshops

Dairy Discussions


Commodore, PA

An informal opportunity to discuss issues that are important for you and your dairy operation in a round-table discussion format More
An example of a quad plate demonstrating growth from a quarter sample of a cow with a high SCC. (photo by Ginger Fenton, 2015)
Using On-farm Culturing for More Than Mastitis - News News
New ways to incorporate on-farm culturing in herd health routines. More
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