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Information on dairy cattle health including hoof health, lameness, heat stress and overmilking. Advice on dealing with mastitis, mortality and vaccines. Access to body conditioning scoring and biosecurity material.

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Dairy Cows - Getting Started
Dairy Cows - Getting Started - Articles Articles
Milk cows are the income generator for dairy farms. Proper nutrition and herd management, and many other factors are required for success. More
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¿Está Vigilando de Cerca a Sus Vacas de Transición? - Articles Articles
En el ganado lechero, el período de transición se caracteriza por una serie de cambios metabólicos y prácticas de manejo que pueden tener un impacto en la salud y la productividad de las vacas. More
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Are You Keeping A Close Eye To Your Transition Cows? - Articles Articles
The transition period for dairy cows is characterized by a number of metabolic changes and management practices that impact health and productivity. Monitoring strategies minimize negative effects. More
Transition Cow Management
Transition Cow Management - Workshops Workshops

Transition Cow Management

Multiple Options Available

Transition Cow Management will feature the science and practices to improve the performance of transition cows. More
Pennsylvania Dairy Health and Biosecurity Manual
Pennsylvania Dairy Health and Biosecurity Manual - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications
This manual is designed to help dairy farmers keep their herds healthy and economically productive. More
Generation Next: Calf Workshop
Generation Next: Calf Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Generation Next: Calf Workshop

Multiple Options Available

Generation Next: Calf Workshop will focus on calf health and management. More
Dehorning: What Are Your Options?
Dehorning: What Are Your Options? - Articles Articles
Timing and best practices for caustic paste and hot iron dehorning, common methods of removing horns on young calves. More
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Selective Dry Cow Therapy, An Option to Consider - Articles Articles
Selective dry cow therapy can help decrease the use of antibiotics in food animals without compromising animal health. More
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Using Our Senses to Troubleshoot Milk Quality Issues - Articles Articles
Changes in milk odor, taste, or appearance could reflect issues with animal health, milking equipment, sanitation, nutrition, or ventilation. More
Dairy Grazing Discussions
Dairy Grazing Discussions - Workshops Workshops

Dairy Grazing Discussions

Multiple Options Available

A seven-month series of discussion group meetings focusing on the material in Sarah Flack's book titled "The Art and Science of Grazing" More
Compared to testing at room temperature, warm colostrum underestimates colostrum IgG and cold colostrum overestimates IgG.
Colostrometer Adjustment Spreadsheet - Downloadable Downloadable

Colostrometer Adjustment Spreadsheet

Coleen M. Jones, Jud Heinrichs

Adjust readings from a colostrometer to provide the value expected if colostrum was tested at 68°F. More
Best Milking Practices Mastitis Costs and Culturing
Best Milking Practices Mastitis Costs and Culturing - Webinars Webinars
This webinar explores the costs associated with mastitis. More
Focus on Transition Cows
Focus on Transition Cows - Webinars Webinars
Animal behavior aspects of the transition from the dry period through early lactation as well as housing and management options. More
Downed Cows and End of Life Decisions
Downed Cows and End of Life Decisions - Webinars Webinars
Animal welfare on the farm is a priority for all dairy producers. More
Heat Stress Abatement in Freestalls and Tie-Stalls
Heat Stress Abatement in Freestalls and Tie-Stalls - Webinars Webinars
How to tackle heat stress, and provide better comfort through the summer for dairy cattle. More
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