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Heifer Mastitis: Prevention is the Key!
Heifer Mastitis: Prevention is the Key! - Articles Articles
Prevention of mastitis requires reducing exposure to mastitis pathogens and enhancing the ability of the heifers’ immune system to respond. More
Heifer Economics
Heifer Economics - Articles Articles

Heifer Economics

Jud Heinrichs

Heifers are an important investment in the future of successful dairy operations. More
Cattle Euthanasia - Videos Videos

Cattle Euthanasia

Ernest Hovingh, DVM, PhD


This video will help the viewer determine the most ideal time for euthanasia, and instruction on how to choose and perform appropriate euthanasia techniques. More
Evaluating and Conditioning Cattle for Market
Evaluating and Conditioning Cattle for Market - Videos Videos
Video will help the viewer evaluate a cow's readiness for market, and show helpful steps to ensure that she is properly conditioned for the transition to market More
Livestock Transportation
Livestock Transportation - Videos Videos

Livestock Transportation

Robert E. Mikesell


How to safely move between facilities, to another farm or to a livestock market, during livestock transportation. More
Proper Animal Mortality Disposal
Proper Animal Mortality Disposal - Videos Videos
This video provides an overview of the approved methods of animal disposal in Pennsylvania, along with best management practices for each method. More
Mortality Composting Guidelines
Mortality Composting Guidelines - Articles Articles
Rendering changes and the livestock Industry, basic mortality composting procedures, and the composting process. More
Proper handling of vaccines will help to insure that ewes remain healthy and produce healthy and vigorous lambs.
Proper Handling of Livestock Vaccines - Articles Articles
Looking at a group of healthy sheep peacefully grazing while their lambs bounce around the pasture can be a very satisfying experience. More
Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Trouble-shooting Infertility Problems in Cattle - Articles Articles
This fact sheet examines problem areas related to anestrus, repeat breeding, pregnancy loss, and postpartum disorders. More
Factors Causing Uterine Infections in Cattle
Factors Causing Uterine Infections in Cattle - Articles Articles
Topic areas in this publication include nutritional factors, environment, calving assistance, postpartum infusions, inaccurate heat detection, and organisms. More
Biosecurity - A Practical Approach
Biosecurity - A Practical Approach - Articles Articles

Biosecurity - A Practical Approach

Ernest Hovingh, DVM, PhD

Biosecurity is a set of practices employed to prevent the importation of infectious organisms into a herd or flock, and their transmission between animals. More
Body Condition Scoring as a Tool for Dairy Herd Management
Body Condition Scoring as a Tool for Dairy Herd Management - Articles Articles

Body Condition Scoring as a Tool for Dairy Herd Management

Jud Heinrichs, Coleen M. Jones, Virginia A. Ishler

Body condition scoring evaluates fatness or thinness according to a five-point scale and scores are used to fine-tune dairy nutrition and health. More
Dairy Heifers
Dairy Heifer Production - Articles Articles

Dairy Heifer Production

Jud Heinrichs, Virginia A. Ishler, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Lynn Kime

In most herds, dairy farmers replace 25 to 30 percent of the herd each year. These replacements represent a significant financial investment. More
Dairy Beef
Dairy-Beef Production - Articles Articles

Dairy-Beef Production

Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

Production of high-quality dairy-beef is relatively new to the beef industry and depends almost entirely on Holstein bull calves. More
Examples of Cows at Various Body Condition Scores
Examples of Cows at Various Body Condition Scores - Articles Articles
Photos demonstrate dairy cows with a range of body condition scores. Each photo includes key observations at that score. More
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