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US shield symbol required on official animal identification tags.
Are You Moving Cattle Across State Lines? - Articles Articles
Animal identification required by the USDA Animal Disease Traceability program. More
Beef cattle
Beef Background Production - Articles Articles

Beef Background Production

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Lynn Kime

Backgrounding is a beef production system that involves maximal use of pasture and forages from the time calves are weaned until they are placed in a feedlot. More
Beef Production
Beef Production - Articles Articles

Beef Production

Lynn Kime

Beef cattle is a major industry in PA with over 25,000 farms. More
Beef calf
Beef Cow-Calf Production - Articles Articles

Beef Cow-Calf Production

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

The beef cow-calf business is well adapted to small-scale and part-time farmers who have land suitable for pasture and hay production. More
Beef Feeding Operation
Beef Feeding Operation - Videos Videos

Beef Feeding Operation

Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

Producer video describing the benefits, challenges, and marketing opportunities of a beef feeding operation. More
Cattle Euthanasia - Videos Videos

Cattle Euthanasia

Ernest Hovingh, DVM, PhD


This video will help the viewer determine the most ideal time for euthanasia, and instruction on how to choose and perform appropriate euthanasia techniques. More
Evaluating and Conditioning Cattle for Market
Evaluating and Conditioning Cattle for Market - Videos Videos
Video will help the viewer evaluate a cow's readiness for market, and show helpful steps to ensure that she is properly conditioned for the transition to market More
Livestock Transportation
Livestock Transportation - Videos Videos

Livestock Transportation

Robert E. Mikesell


How to safely move between facilities, to another farm or to a livestock market, during livestock transportation. More
Heat Detection and Timing of Insemination for Cattle
Heat Detection and Timing of Insemination for Cattle - Articles Articles
Topics covered in this publication include information about the bovine estrous cycle, heat detection, optimal timing of insemination, and tools for management. More
Basic Beef Production Guidelines
Basic Beef Production Guidelines - Articles Articles
Raising beef cattle can be a profitable enterprise. However, there are several management skills that each beef producer should have to be successful. More
Proper handling of vaccines will help to insure that ewes remain healthy and produce healthy and vigorous lambs.
Proper Handling of Livestock Vaccines - Articles Articles
Looking at a group of healthy sheep peacefully grazing while their lambs bounce around the pasture can be a very satisfying experience. More
Factors Causing Uterine Infections in Cattle
Factors Causing Uterine Infections in Cattle - Articles Articles
Topic areas in this publication include nutritional factors, environment, calving assistance, postpartum infusions, inaccurate heat detection, and organisms. More
Artificial Insemination Technique
Artificial Insemination Technique - Articles Articles
This article provides a review for those already familiar with AI technique, emphasizing reproductive anatomy, sanitation, and accuracy of semen deposition. More
Storing and Handling Frozen Semen
Storing and Handling Frozen Semen - Articles Articles
This article covers proper semen tank management, thawing of semen, insemination of synchronized groups, and additional pointers. More
Livestock and Poultry Mortality Disposal in Pennsylvania
Livestock and Poultry Mortality Disposal in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
Properly managing and disposing of dead farm animals is important. Every livestock and poultry operation should have a proper dead stock disposal strategy. More
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