Reproduction and Genetics

Information on crossbreeding, artificial insemination and beef cow nutrition before and after calving. Tips on choosing the right bull, storing and handling frozen semen, adding dietary fat to enhance reproduction and reducing uterine infections.

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Building the Reproductive Plan Building the Reproductive Plan - Webinars
Looking at genetics and other factors to build your beef herd. Webinar by Dr. Dan Kniffen More
Beef Production and Management
Beef Production and Management - Online Courses Online Courses

Beef Production and Management


19 hours

This online course about raising beef cattle covers breeds, establishing facilities, nutrition and reproduction, and marketing and finances. More
Heat Detection in Beef Cattle
Heat Detection in Beef Cattle - Videos Videos

Heat Detection in Beef Cattle

Cheryl Ann Fairbairn


This video will give helpful information for producers to use as they fine tune their heat detection skills. More
Calving Season Preparation
Calving Season Preparation - Articles Articles
After baling hay and fighting snow to feed the cows, a dead calf can be a frustrating and costly result. Preparation and timely action will help make a successful calving season. More
Crossbreeding is a Good Idea
Crossbreeding is a Good Idea - Articles Articles
Crossbreeding is a good idea because heterosis is free money. More
Cows with calves on grass
Green Grass Calving - Articles Articles

Green Grass Calving

Daniel M. Kniffen

There are many advantages to green grass calving when compared to late winter early spring calving. More
Reproduction by the Numbers
Reproduction by the Numbers - Articles Articles

Reproduction by the Numbers

Daniel M. Kniffen

This article will highlight some of the “numbers” to be considered to be both reproductively efficient and profitable. More
The Most Valuable Investment in the Beef Herd - The Bull
The Most Valuable Investment in the Beef Herd - The Bull - Articles Articles
This article discusses the decision-making process in buying a bull. More
Using Artificial Insemination in a Commercial Breeding Herd
Using Artificial Insemination in a Commercial Breeding Herd - Articles Articles
An AI program is needed to remain competitive for the sale of breeding stock and to improve traits of economic importance in these herds. More
Controlled Calving Season is Controlled Management
Controlled Calving Season is Controlled Management - Articles Articles
The key to successful management in a cow herd is being able to plan health, feeding, and marketing programs that will be effective and efficient. More
The Angus Hereford cross is one of the most proven and sought after crosses. The resulting offspring are called Black or Red Baldies.
Is Crossbreeding For You - Articles Articles
The benefits of crossbreeding systems in the beef sector have been extensively researched over the years and they are as relevant and important today as ever. More
Heat Detection and Timing of Insemination for Cattle
Heat Detection and Timing of Insemination for Cattle - Articles Articles
Topics covered in this publication include information about the bovine estrous cycle, heat detection, optimal timing of insemination, and tools for management. More
Black Baldy and calf
Beef Cow Nutrition Before and After Calving - Articles Articles
Supplying adequate nutrition to the cow is critical during the 60 days prior to calving and immediately after calving. More
Docile cattle are often more profitable cattle
Effects of Docility in Beef Cattle - Articles Articles
There is significant information available to show that cattle with a bad disposition will influence economically important production traits. More
Enhancing Reproduction
Added Fat in the Ration of Beef Cows to Enhance Reproduction - Articles Articles
Evidence suggests that the addition of limited fat supplements to the diet of beef cows prior to breeding will enhance reproduction. More
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