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Information on beef cattle farming, cow calf operations, weaning calves, and raising grass fed beef. Find educational workshops and networking events for beef cattle farmers, plus access to the beef production and management online course.

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Do Your Cows Match Your Resources?
Do Your Cows Match Your Resources? - Articles Articles

Do Your Cows Match Your Resources?

Benjamin Williamson

What is the right size for a cow? That depends on your resources, your environment, the market that you sell to and your goals. More
Multiflora rose bush. Photo credit: Penn State Extension
Multiflora Rose Problems in Pastures? Control it Now! - Articles Articles
It is the right time to be scouting and managing multiflora rose in your pasture. More
Northern Tier Beef Series
Northern Tier Beef Series - Workshops Workshops
The Penn State Extension livestock team will offer the same beef producer seminar in three locations. Topics will include how to read and understand performance data on bulls and marketing feeder calves. More
Grass-fed Beef Production
Grass-fed Beef Production - Videos Videos

Grass-fed Beef Production

Tara L. Felix, Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., David Hartman


Grass-fed beef production in the United States is on the rise. However, there are important management and forage quality factors that must be consider. More
Implants used in cattle increase feed efficiency. (Photo Credit: PA Beef Producers Working Group)
2017 Calf-fed Holstein Demonstration Results - Articles Articles
This report summarizes the calf-fed holstein demonstration comparing growth performance and economic data of implanted and non-implanted cattle by the PA Beef producers working group in 2017. More
Use of Beta-Agonists in Cattle Feed
Use of Beta-Agonists in Cattle Feed - Articles Articles
A recent furor in the beef industry over the use of the product Zilmax© in feedlot rations has again raised questions about the use of feed additives in general. More
Photo: John and Katie Dawes
Beef Summer Field Day - Workshops Workshops
Save this date for the beef summer field day. More
Beef Production and Management
Beef Production and Management - Online Courses Online Courses

Beef Production and Management


19 hours

This online course about raising beef cattle covers breeds, establishing facilities, nutrition and reproduction, and marketing and finances. More
Implant being placed in the ear of a calf.
Implants Used in Beef Cattle are Safe and Efficacious - Articles Articles
Beef from cattle that have had implants administered is safe for human consumption and contains far less estrogenic activity than many other foods. More
Cattle fed grain diets.
Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed Beef - Videos Videos
There are many possible production scenarios for beef cattle. This video will explain two different types of production, grass-fed versus grain-fed beef. More
RFID: How to Apply the Tag - Videos Videos

RFID: How to Apply the Tag

Greg Strait


This video explains tagging requirements for livestock and demonstrates how to apply the RFID tag properly. More
Beef Feeding Operation
Beef Feeding Operation - Videos Videos

Beef Feeding Operation

Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., John W. Comerford


Producer video describing the benefits, challenges, and marketing opportunities of a beef feeding operation. More
Beef Production
Beef Production - Articles Articles

Beef Production

Lynn Kime

Beef cattle is a major industry in PA with over 25,000 farms. More
Compost pile. Photo by Craig Williams
Composting Animal Mortalities - Articles Articles

Composting Animal Mortalities

David R. Wolfgang, VMD, MPH DABVP-Dairy

Despite the best intentions and care in animal agricultural facilities there are occasional animal mortalities. More
Let New Technology Help With an Old School Chore - Articles Articles
Evaluating the Body Condition Score of individual females in your cowherd will go a long way in determining how you feed your herd during the winter months. More
Replacement Heifers: Management Options Benefit Bottom Line
Replacement Heifers: Management Options Benefit Bottom Line - Articles Articles
Reproduction is the most influential factor contributing to the profitability of a cow calf producer. More
Beef calf
Beef Cow-Calf Production - Articles Articles

Beef Cow-Calf Production

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., H. Louis Moore, Ph.D., John W. Comerford

The beef cow-calf business is well adapted to small-scale and part-time farmers who have land suitable for pasture and hay production. More
Beef Cow-calf Operation
Beef Cow-calf Operation - Videos Videos

Beef Cow-calf Operation

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., H. Louis Moore, Ph.D., John W. Comerford


Producer video describing the benefits, challenges, and marketing opportunities of a cow-calf operation. More
Docile cattle are often more profitable cattle
Effects of Docility in Beef Cattle - Articles Articles
There is significant information available to show that cattle with a bad disposition will influence economically important production traits. More
Weaning Calves to reduce stress
The Delicate Art of Weaning Calves - Articles Articles
Weaning calves can be a traumatic event for calves, but if done correctly, can be a lucrative management tool. More
Controlled Calving Season is Controlled Management
Controlled Calving Season is Controlled Management - Articles Articles
The key to successful management in a cow herd is being able to plan health, feeding, and marketing programs that will be effective and efficient. More
Early Weaning Calves
Early Weaning Calves - Articles Articles

Early Weaning Calves

John W. Comerford

Early weaning calves will be an effective management tool for many breeders and will improve subsequent performance of the cow herd. More
Replacement Heifer Selection
Replacement Heifer Selection - Articles Articles

Replacement Heifer Selection

John W. Comerford

A costly, but extremely important, feature of the cow-calf herd is the selection and development of replacement heifers. More
Basic Beef Production Guidelines
Basic Beef Production Guidelines - Articles Articles
Raising beef cattle can be a profitable enterprise. However, there are several management skills that each beef producer should have to be successful. More
Crossbreeding is a Good Idea
Crossbreeding is a Good Idea - Articles Articles

Crossbreeding is a Good Idea

John W. Comerford

Crossbreeding is a good idea because heterosis is free money. More
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