Allium Leafminer Spring Update: May 1, 2017

Protect every chive, onion and garlic! The allium leafminer is here!
Allium Leafminer Spring Update: May 1, 2017 - News

Updated: October 12, 2017

Allium Leafminer Spring Update: May 1, 2017

Allium leafminer female making feeding damage. Photo Tim Elkner

The allium leafminer is here and beginning to reach peak populations as of last week, April 25th to April 30th.

We have reports of damage on chives, garlic, onions, wild alliums and transplants of all kinds. Please check your transplants for feeding damage and adults - to prevent further population establishments destroy the damaged plants by letting them dry out or by heat.

In the coming few weeks, ALM eggs will begin hatching and larva will start to mine in the leaves opening routes for secondary infections.

Allium leafminer feeding damage on onion transplants from Shippensburg area. Photo: Sarah May

For chemical control recommendations, Shelby Fleischer created an allium leafminer amendment for the Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Guide 2016-2017.

For more information about the allium leafminer, including descriptions of the life stages, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Penn State posted reports and a pest alert to these websites: