Air-blast Sprayer Calibration: Testimonial

Testimonial account from a grower about Air Blast Sprayer Calibration.
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We have approximately 300 acres of fruit trees and whenever we do make a decision to apply a pesticide, we have six spray rigs, well actually seven counting our new one. We have seven spray rigs that will go out at one time to cover our 300 acres and usually what we are trying to do is cover it all up within six to eight hours of time. Everybody puts two or three tanks on and then we are done. With this new outfit is amazingly how much more finite it is. We can hook up to each individual nozzle on the sprayer and determine its output. I mean, that doesn't sound like much but whenever you have a spray tip that is plugged or something, it shows right up on our water collected in our cylinder that there is something wrong with that nozzle and you examine it. I feel that we should be calibrating at least every year in the spring. Definitely a must for growers. Even brand new equipment in one of our trials, our tractor. Despite what the tach (tachometer)

said was 2.5 mile an hour, it wasn't going 2.5 despite what the tach said. Here we found out that the tires where a different size in what the manufacturer recommended at that rate. In our sprayer is the same. As long as we can keep and we know what the volume of water coming out is, we are very confident with that. I would say we do have a time saving, we spend time early in the spring to make sure everything is right and then we don't have to worry about it the rest of the year as long as we each spray our own area and come out at the same time. We can just zip right back to the fuel station and fill up with water and away we go again rather than having to worry about a nozzle. Is this nozzle right? or is this one putting out wrong? or something. We have confidence that the sprayer and tractor are working correctly. Spray coverage, how much of your water solution gets covered in the tree canopy and the fruit itself and that in turn lead to disease and pest prevention.

Well with our acherage and each of us does two or tree tanks, we empty up and mix up two or three times, what would happen is if you have a plugged nozzle or one isn't working correctly. You'll extend the water that we are using and we won't come out at our regular place that we usually do or if you are putting out too much: we'll be short as far as our volume for everybody that comes out. So we can determine what correct amount of water for that application rate goes on and then to be sure about it and to do have a peace of mind. We hook up to the new calibration machine and it will tell you what your sprayer is doing, there is no question about it. Even if you only have a few achers of trees and you only have one sprayer. I would still recommend using the new calibration machine because you can correctly identify that your volume of water you are wanting to use and you can save a lot of money through your pesticide use. The biggest thing we get out of these calibrations is the peace of mind knowing that you are safe as far as your nozzle output, everything is working as it should, that way you can have that much more confidence in growing fruit. That is what we are all about, making the correct application, the amount of water that we are putting on per acre per material that is recommended and with this machine. We can really hit the nail on the head by doing that. Hello, as a member of


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