Agritainment Information for Starting the Business

Agritainment may take many forms and is only limited by your imagination.
Agritainment Information for Starting the Business - Articles


The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Census of Agriculture for 2012 reports that the average income per farm was over $46,000. Before expenses and taxes.

There is a publication titled Agritainment . The publication provides an overview into several types of agritainment enterprises and explains the benefits and drawbacks of the various types.

The USDA Natural Resources and Conservation Service has information covering many aspects of agritainment including marketing and liability issues, which are a major concern when considering this form of enterprise. You can also find information in the national Ag Risk Library titled Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook which you should view when conducting your research.

The USDA Economic Research Service conducted research into agritainment in 2007 and that report can be found on their website. The report outlines the characteristics of both the farms and the farmers who engage in agritainment. Many producers prefer not to deal directly with the public however, agritainment farmers very much enjoy the public interaction. The USDA National Agriculture Library also has a repository of information covering agritainment.