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AgMap is Pennsylvania's agricultural network that helps consumers, farmers, and businesses find local producers and suppliers of unlimited agricultural commodities and services.
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AgMap Flyer

What Is AgMap?

AgMap, Pennsylvania’s agricultural network, helps consumers, farmers, and businesses find local producers and suppliers of unlimited agricultural commodities and services. AgMap offers much more than traditional farm products! The searchable database includes listings for wood and forest products, lawn and garden supplies, landscape and nursery specialists, and much, much, more! By searching the online AgMap database, you can find:

  1. Products such as fresh produce and handmade items grown or made near you and complete product descriptions.
  2. Ag-related Pennsylvania services and commodities available near you.
  3. Interactive maps showing specific business locations.
  4. Grower and producer contact information including direct links to Web sites and emails.
  5. Jobs available in ag and ag-related industries.
  6. Free classified ads: sell and buy quality, low-cost goods.
  7. Direct communication opportunities with other businesses and cooperative extension experts via easy-to-use online discussion forums.
  8. Current ag-related headline news.

There’s More on AgMap

Visit AgMap today to discover the exceptional variety of agricultural products and services available right next door! On AgMap, you can find:

• Alpacas • Amish Markets • Animal Hospitals • Animal Nutritionists • Animal Rescues • Aqua Suppliers • Arboretums • Arborists • Arrowheads • Auctioneers • Bed / Breakfasts • Beekeepers • Boarding Facilities • Breeders • Cabinet Makers • Crisp Apples • Dairy Farms • Deer Farms • Draft Horses • Dog Trainers • Educational Tours • Electricians • Emus • Engineers • Estate Planners • Ewes • Farmers • Farm Equipment • Farm Markets • Farmstays • Fencing • Fertilizer Companies • Financial Services • Fisheries • Florists • Fresh Goat Milk • Fresh Meat Producers • Grocery Stores • Hayrides • Insurance Agents • Landscapers • Lawn & Garden • Livestock • Mapping Services • Natural Wool Products • Nurseries • Nutrient Managers • Orchards • Pallet Companies • Parks • Pet Groomers • Planning Commissions • Poultry Farms • Quality Fiber Products • Quarries • Sawmills • Seed Suppliers • Surveyors • Tree Trimmers • Wholesalers • Wholesome Organic Foods • Wineries • Worm Castings • and so much more!

Join Today. It’s Free for Pennsylvania Businesses

Getting Started: How to Sign Up

All you need to get started with AgMap is Internet access. Go to the AgMap home page. To list your business(es):

  • Click on “List Your Business Today” to add your business.
  • Fill in your name and select a username and password to use for your secure business access.
  • Follow the easy-to-use wizard that assists you with adding your business(es).

That’s it! You can add as many businesses as you want through this simple enrollment process — at no cost!

Who Will Find a Business on AgMap?

Anyone searching the Internet for products, services, organizations, name brands, certified members, and other ag-related products and services will find AgMap businesses. Worldwide Web search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo will bring more visitors to your AgMap listing(s). In addition, AgMap staff pro-mote the site through radio, television, online advertising, newspaper and magazine articles, conferences, and trade shows.

“Pennsylvania is a national leader in agricultural production, yet many Pennsylvanians don’t even realize what’s being grown within a few miles of their homes... Local producers may not know that the re-sources they need are available in the next county.”

Benefits for Your Business

AgMap provides increased, worldwide visibility for even the smallest Pennsylvania business — at no cost.

Does Your Business Lack a Web Presence?

For many businesses, AgMap is their only Web presence — an essential in today’s market.

Do You Want to Bring More People to Your Existing Web Site?

AgMap links to business Web site and email information, allowing consumers to quickly find and contact you!

Do You Want to Be in Complete Control of Your On-line Business Listing?

Business owners can add and edit their own business information and classified ads through a secure user-name and password login. Once logged in, you can add to or edit business listings. You can even add custom images to your AgMap listing.

Do You Ever Wonder How Many People Are Looking for Your Products and/or Services?

AgMap allows you to view Web page statistics for each business listed. Here you can view the number of people that have viewed your listing and find out what search keywords led people to your pages.

Are You Looking to Hire Someone or to Sell a Particular Product or Service?

All registered AgMap users can post classified ads on AgMap at no cost.

What Happens If You Need Help Using AgMap?

Users can click on “support” on the AgMap home page for questions or problems. For further information or to request promotional videos or brochures, please call 814-865-2050 or email .

Why Join AgMap?

  • It’s free
  • Advanced, easy-to-use search capability
  • Simplified Worldwide visibility of your business through the Internet
  • Unlimited ways to classify your business and make your business stand out among others
  • Secure login to add, edit, and update your own information at any time
  • Latest agricultural news from around the state
  • Links to your personal Web site and email
  • Add business images to your individual AgMap pages
  • Links to ag-related educational materials
  • Interactive mapping shows business location
  • Individual business page statistics track visitors
  • Unlimited, free job announcement and classified ad postings for enrolled businesses and organizations
  • “Ask the Expert” discussion forums

The AgMap online directory is free due to funding and support from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Penn State Extension, and Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences. AgMap is designed, maintained, and housed by the Penn State Extension, Geospatial Technology Program.


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