Aglaonema Diseases

Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of Aglaonema diseases.
Aglaonema Diseases - Articles


AnthracnoseCircular to oval brown leaf spots have a yellow halo. Spots may become 2 inches in diameter and contain tiny black fungal fruiting structures.ColletotrichumAvoid overhead watering.
Bacterial Leaf SpotSmall gray or dark green leaf spots enlarge and become irregular in shape, tan, dark brown or black.Pseudomonas cichorii, Erwinia chrysanthemi, or Xanthomonas campestris dieffenbachiaePurchase plants free of the disease. Remove infected leaves and water in a manner that keeps the surface of the leaves dry.
Copper DeficiencyNew leaves are yellow,strap-shaped or distorted.Lack of copperApply a micronutrient that contains copper. Damaged leaves will not recover. New foliage will form normally
Myrothecium Leaf SpotLarge gray-brown, oval leaf spots form at leaf tips or margins. Fungal structures form in concentric rings within the spots on the underside of the leaf.Myrothecium roridumDo not apply excessive amounts of nitrogen fertilizer.