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Learning sessions on issues of importance to the agricultural community, including workforce development, food safety, environmental stewardship, and consumer literacy.
Ag Issues - Workshops
Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Language: English
Note: Ag Issues Learning Session on Workforce Development

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The Continuing Issue of Foreign-Born Workers in the Ag Workforce

Scott J. Sheely, D.Ed., CWDP, Special Assistant for Workforce Development, PA Department of Agriculture

During much of this year, the stability of the workplace for the foreign-born workers that make up the majority of our agricultural workforce has been shaken. ICE raids and generally unfriendly rhetoric have made the already difficult job of recruiting even harder. Fortunately, there are legislative solutions being discussed in Congress that hold real promise for a solution. Also, there are local efforts in play to prepare agricultural employers and workers for the harsh realities of immigration enforcement. This program will offer an overview of national, state, and local efforts and answer questions where possible.

Scott J. Sheely has been the Special Assistant for Workforce Development since spring 2015. He was formerly the Executive Director of the Lancaster County Agriculture Council and Workforce Investment Board in Lancaster, PA. He is a doctoral graduate of Penn State University in lifelong learning and adult education.

Dr. Sheely will lead a dialogue among ag producers, allied industry members, and government leaders.


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