Activity - Home-A-Syst Checklist

Skills: Observing, ordering, communicating, recording, reasoning.
Activity - Home-A-Syst Checklist - Articles



Even in our homes and yards, we may be exposed to toxins or be polluting the environment without knowing is. Some of this is related to the choices we make in products we use, how we store them and how we dispose of them. The Home-A-Syst program was developed to help people assess their immediate environment to reduce risk to themselves and to the environment. Only some of these relate to pest management, but the pattern of logic is the same for all: think! and consider the consequences and ultimate fate of any potentially toxic home and garden chemicals. (See also the computer tutorial DB Pest by Kerry Richards.)

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn to recognize a potential hazard
  2. Learn the components of high, medium and low risk behaviors
  3. Complete a checklist to see how you are doing at home.
  4. Discuss actions to take in order to reduce risk.

Materials Needed

  • Human habitation and any yard or adjacent area
  • Home-A-Syst Checklist


1 hour to an afternoon.


  1. Have students practice using the checklist at school by touring the facility
  2. Students then take the check sheet home and do an assessment there. or, at the home of a willing volunteer.
  3. Discuss the results of their particular site (or own home)

Analysis and Discussion

Can the students now identify the components of risk in the home? Solutions?