About The Pesticide Education Program

Our program strives to educate pesticide applicators and users about pest management alternatives, including pesticides, to promote responsible decision-making.
About The Pesticide Education Program - Articles

Updated: September 13, 2017

About The Pesticide Education Program

Our Goals

  1. Fostering the development and maintenance of productive, profitable, and competitive businesses and a sustainable food system in Pennsylvania's changing economic climate;
  2. Ensuring the long-term vitality and sustainability of Pennsylvania's natural resources and local environments as related to pesticides and pest management; and
  3. Enabling people to reach informed decisions on complex issues involving the use of pesticides by providing information and educational opportunities.

How We Accomplish Them

  • Providing recertification training as requested;
  • Providing relevant pesticide and pest management videos and slide show presentations
  • Updating fact sheets and developing new ones as needed
  • Updating current pesticide applicator study materials
  • Providing in-service education courses for Penn State technical service employees, faculty, and county staff
  • Developing Pesticide Education/Integrated Pest Management curricula and educational materials for secondary science and agricultural science teachers