A Guide to Private Water Systems in Pennsylvania

Learn the proper construction and maintenance of your private well, spring, or cistern.
A Guide to Private Water Systems in Pennsylvania - Guides and Publications
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Rural homeowners often face challenges in managing their water supply because, unlike public water supplies, managing private water systems is entirely the homeowner's responsibility. This manual is intended as a guide for private water system owners in Pennsylvania. From proper location and construction to recommended testing and treatment strategies, it will help homeowners make educated decisions about their water supply.

Who is this for?

Owners of private water systems; homeowners

What will you learn?

Hydrologic cycle; groundwater basics; threats to groundwater; estimating water needs; proper construction and management of private water wells; spring development and protection; rainwater cisterns; wellhead protection and land-use impacts; what you can do to protect groundwater; water testing and interpretation; components of a typical water test report; drinking water standards; common pollutants by category; solving water-quality problems; misconceptions about home water treatment; common water treatment methods; water quantity issues; water use in Pennsylvania; outdoor water use; managing your well during a drought; dealing with a low-yielding well; water conservation for the homeowner


Water wells, springs and cisterns Pond management Watershed management Water conservation Shale gas drilling and water Acid deposition

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