2018 National Wheat Yield Contest Entries

National Wheat Foundation offers a Wheat Yield Contest for spring and winter wheat growers across the United States.
2018 National Wheat Yield Contest Entries - Articles
2018 National Wheat Yield Contest Entries

Winter Wheat, Photo credit: Nicole Santangelo

Just last week, the National Wheat Foundation (NWF) announced the continuation of their annual Wheat Yield Contest. With the winter thaws, timing could not be better. Many growers in Pennsylvania have commented on the value of National Corn and Soybean Yield Contests and the opportunity to share what practices improve production given the weather and soils they are dealt each year. The National Wheat Yield contest allows farmers from all regions to have a chance at showing off their great yields.

The National Wheat Yield Contest considers yield as a percentage of the peers in your county. Last year, Pennsylvania had multiple entries with great yields from 110-120 bushel. But when evaluated on a percentage of county yield, growers with poorer soils and weather may have an opportunity to still win the contest with a yield that is much higher than their county average. For example, the 2017 High Yield Winner was Phillip Gross from Adams County, Washington with 184.29 bushels. The 1st place award for winter wheat dry land went to Brandon Friesen in Meade County, Kansas with a yield of 115.26, 311.64% above the Meade County average.

The deadline to register is April 1st for winter wheat with a late registration of May 1. The fee to enter is $100 early, $125 late for National Association of Wheat Growers or state members. If you do not belong to the NAWG, the fee is an additional $100.


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