2018 Keystone Crops and Soils Conference

The Keystone Crops and Soils Conference (KCSC) is an annual two-day meeting (October 23-24) of crop professionals held each year at the Harrisburg-Hershey Holiday Inn.
2018 Keystone Crops and Soils Conference - News

Updated: October 10, 2018

2018 Keystone Crops and Soils Conference

This two-day meeting is sponsored jointly by Penn State Extension and Penn AG Industries with support from the commercial Ag industry. Certified Crop Advisor (CCA), PA Nutrient Management, and PA Pesticide Applicator credits are offered.

Over twenty-five speakers and sessions are available to choose from with a wide range of topics. Industry reps give updates on their latest products, while Extension and University specialists address current crop, disease and weed issues. Planting Green, Hemp, Nutrient Management, Traffis and Trade, Seasonal updates and many more issues will be addressed.

Pre-registration deadline is October 16.

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