2013 Winter Barley and Winter Wheat Performance Trials Report

Penn State conducts variety performance trials with small grains.
2013 Winter Barley and Winter Wheat Performance Trials Report - Articles


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These tests are conducted annually to provide interested people with information regarding the performance of small grains grown in Pennsylvania. This report summarizes performance results for the 2012-2013 growing season. Winter wheat varieties were tested at both the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center at Rock Springs in Centre County and at the Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center near Landisville in Lancaster County. Winter barley varieties were tested at only the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center at Rock Springs in Centre County.


Private seed companies and universities provided the entries for these trials. Contact information for each company or university is listed in Table 1. Seed treatments varied and were applied by the entrants. Most were Raxil/Thiram or Dividend. A total of 62 wheat and 16 barley varieties were entered. Seeding rates in the wheat and hulled barley plots were 1.6 million seeds per acre, while the hulless barley plots were seeded at 1.9 million seeds per acre.

Winter Wheat

The winter wheat trial in Centre County was planted in to a tilled seedbed, in a field following oats, on October 10, 2012. Preplant fertilizer of 200 lb/acre of 10-20-20 was applied according to soil test recommendations. The plots were planted 18 feet in length, with 7 rows, spaced 7.5 inches apart. On April 6, the trial was topdressed with 100 lb N/acre as UAN. Weed control was achieved with a 0.45 oz Harmony Extra application in the spring. Prior to heading, the plots were trimmed to 14 feet. The middle 5 rows of each plot were harvested for yield. The trial was harvested on July 16th.

The winter wheat trial in Lancaster County was planted in to a tilled seedbed, in a field following soybeans, on October 26, 2012. No preplant fertilizer was applied. The plots were planted 18 feet in length, with 7 rows, spaced 7.5 inches apart. On April 4th, the trial was topdressed with 100 lb N/acre as UAN, plus 0.45 oz Harmony Extra. Prior to heading, the plots were trimmed to 14 feet. The middle 5 rows of each plot were harvested for yield. The trial was harvested on July 18th.

The following observations were made for the wheat trial:

  • Yield was based on 60 lbs per bushel for wheat and adjusted to 12 percent moisture.
  • Test Weight is based on pounds per bushel of grain at the moisture for that particular variety.
  • Heading (50% of plants in plot headed) dates were recorded.
  • Height is the average length of plants from the ground to the highest part of the head.
  • Lodging was rated just prior to harvest as percent of plants leaning significantly or broken.
  • Powdery Mildew is rated on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the highest infection where: 0 = 0 - trace % leaf area covered; 1 = leaf 4 with trace-50%; 2 = leaf 3 with 1- 5%; 3 = leaf 3 with 5-15%; 4 = leaf 3 with > 15%; 5 = leaf 2 with 1-5%; 6 = leaf 2 with 5-15%; 7 = leaf 2 with >15%; 8 = leaf 1 with 1-5%; 9 = leaf 1 with 5-15%; and 10 = leaf 1 with > 15% leaf area covered. (leaf 1 = flag leaf). This scale takes into account the percentage leaf area affected and the progress of the disease upward on the plants and was developed at Ohio State University.

Winter Barley

The Centre County barley trial was planted in to a tilled seedbed, in a field following oats, on September 20th, 2012. Preplant fertilizer of 200 lb/acre of 10-20-20 was applied according to soil test recommendations. The plots were planted 18 feet in length, with 7 rows, spaced 7.5 inches apart. On March 15th, the trial was topdressed with 75 lb N/acre as UAN. Prior to heading, the plots were trimmed to 14 feet. The middle 5 rows of each plot were harvested for yield. Unfortunately this trial had to be abandoned prior to harvest due to variability caused by winterkill associated with winter runoff.

Interpretation of results

Variety performance differences are caused partially by genetic differences and partially by soil variation and other environmental variations which cannot be adequately controlled. Thus, small differences in performance may have no significance. Multiple-year and site averages are a more valid indication of the performance of a specific variety than are data for a single year or site. Statistical procedures have been used for the most important characteristics to allow meaningful comparisons of variety averages at a particular location. A standard least significant difference (LSD) value is provided for comparing varieties. Any difference between two variety averages that exceeds the LSD value is considered significant and not simply a result of uncontrolled environmental variation.

Traditionally, LSD values have been calculated at the 0.05 level, which means that when differences between varieties exceed the LSD, we can be 95% confident that the differences are not due to chance. The downside of this approach is that it leads to the conclusion that many varieties in the test have similar yield performance, when there really may be differences in the yield potential. Many universities have switched to a less conservative 0.25 level for the LSD, thus reducing the chance of concluding that varieties are not different, when a true difference exists among the lines. In this report, we present the LSD values at both the 0.05 level and the 0.25 level for your consideration.

The value of coefficient of variation (CV) is a measure of relative variation useful in evaluating the precision achieved in an experiment. In grain and forage trials, for example, the CV value for yield is often between 5 and 15 percent. Confidence in the reliability of the experimental results declines as the CV value increases. Uncontrollable or unmeasurable variations in soil fertility, soil drainage, and other environmental factors contribute to increased CV values.


Wheat yields were up significantly in Centre County, but similar in Lancaster County when compared to the 2012 trials. In 2013 the Centre County wheat trial averaged 18 bu/ac higher than the Lancaster trial. This was likely due in part to the earlier planting in the Centre County trial which improved tiller development in the fall. In addition, the Lancaster County site had a number of severe rain storms late in the season, which delayed our harvest by at least 2 weeks. Yields were lower in Lancaster, averaging just over 70 bu/ac and bushel weights were especially low - presumably a result of the wet weather and delayed harvest. Head scab levels were generally low at both locations but powdery mildew was present at both locations.

Table 1. Contact information for companies participating in the 2012-2103 Winter Wheat Evaluation Trials.
Contact Information2012-13 Wheat Entries
AgriMAXX Wheat Company
AgriMAXX 413, AgriMAXX415, AgriMAXX 427, AgriMAXX 434, Agri Maxx EXP 1342
Paradise, Juniata, DF 75, X401, X402, X403
Dyna-GroShirley, Yorktown, 9042, 9171, 9223, 9343
Growmark FS
FS 815, FS 820, FS 870, FS 888
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services, Inc.
Mercer Brand 12-W-270, Mercer Brand 12-W-296, Mercer Brand 12-V-251, Mercer Brand 12-V-258
Mid Atlantic Seeds Inc.
MAS-2, MAS-4, MAS-6, MAS-7, MAS-23, MAS-26
Ohio Seed Improvement Assoc.
Sunburst, Malabar, Hopewell, Bromfield
Dupont Pioneer25R32, 25R39, 25R40, 25R77
Seedway LLC
SW52, SW53, SW56
Steyer Seeds
Pierson, Heilman, Hunker
Syngenta Seeds Inc.
Branson, SY 1526, SY 483, MH07-7474
UniSouth Genetics
USG 3251, USG 3612, USG 3315, USG 3523, USG 3404, USG 3770, USG 3993
University of MD Small Grains Breeding and Testing
Aaron Cooper
410-742-1178 ext 308
Virginia TechMerl, VA07W-415, VA09W-73, VA09W-75
Table 2. Production details for the 2013 Winter Wheat Performance Trials.
SiteLancaster County (Landisville)Centre County (Rock Springs)
Previous CropSoybeansOats
Planting Date26-Oct10-Oct
Seed Rate1.6 million/ac1.6 million/ac
Fall Fertilizernone200 lbs. 10-20-20
Herbicides0.45 oz Harmony Extra0.45 oz Harmony Extra
Spring N Fertilizer
N MaterialUANUAN
N Rate100 lb/a100 lb/a
N Application Date4-Apr6-Apr
Harvest Date18-Jul16-Jul

Prepared by: Mark Antle, Research Support Assistant and Greg Roth, Professor of Agronomy, Department of Plant Science. Thanks to the staff at both research farms for assistance with the 2012-2013 Pennsylvania Small Grain Variety trials.

Winter Wheat Performance combined across Centre and Lancaster Counties, 2013

Winter Wheat Performance combined across Centre and Lancaster County, 2013.
SourceEntryYield, bu/ABu Wt (lbs)Height (in.)Percent Lodging
Dynagro SeedShirley90.255.2322
University of MDMD04W249-11-789.158.8343
Chemgro SeedsNewport88.955.3316
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 48388.256.2343
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 352387.756.4315
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 47487.457.8356
VA TechVA09W-7386.857.5314
Dynagro Seed904286.755.5315
Chemgro SeedsJuniata86.456.7355
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 41385.854.7325
Steyer SeedsHeilman85.855.93710
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R4085.556.2290
Dynagro Seed922385.556.1347
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 41585.558.0322
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 331585.157.03322
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 325185.056.1342
Steyer SeedsHunker84.956.1345
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-784.955.33410
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 340484.855.6334
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-284.857.43844
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-W-29684.755.83810
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-2384.655.4302
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-2684.256.6377
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 42783.854.83313
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 43483.755.4313
Growmark FSFS 82083.357.8333
Dynagro Seed917182.855.6312
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-482.858.1310
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R3282.757.2337
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 361282.455.13416
Chemgro SeedsParadise82.456.3323
Growmark FSFS 81581.854.93419
Growmark FSFS 88880.856.5349
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-680.354.8304
Growmark FSFSX 87079.654.63316
Dynagro SeedYorktown79.556.4322
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-V-25179.055.7329
VA TechVA07W-41579.053.23614
Dynagro Seed934378.956.1346
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-V-25878.855.6377
Syngenta Seeds Inc.Branson78.755.83220
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-W-27078.656.8367
Ohio Seed ImprovementBromfield78.556.9374
Steyer SeedsPierson78.455.7357
Ohio Seed ImprovementMalabar78.256.73710
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R3978.256.03410
VA TechVA09W-7577.355.8332
Ohio Seed ImprovementSunburst77.057.4302
Ohio Seed ImprovementHopewell76.555.03511
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 399376.556.23312
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 152676.154.0374
VA TechMerl76.055.9345
Chemgro SeedsDF7575.654.8322
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 377074.656.93625
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R7774.554.3302

Winter Wheat Performance in Centre County, 2013

Winter Wheat Performance in Centre County, 2013.
SourceEntryYield, bu/ABu Wt (lbs)Height (in.)Heading DatePercent LodgingPowdery Mildew (0-10, 10=highest infection)2 Yr Avg Yield, bu/A3 Yr Avg Yield, bu/A
Dynagro SeedShirley102.057.93228-May00.092.290.8
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 474100.060.53727-May41.0
Chemgro SeedsNewport99.758.43226-May35.5
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R4099.158.63026-May01.095.694.4
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 48398.558.33428-May06.5
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 352397.759.43127-May26.5
VA TechVA09W-7397.159.33229-May33.0
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-2697.058.93825-May35.0
Steyer SeedsHeilman96.758.53726-May45.084.5
Dynagro Seed904296.358.13225-May42.090.389.3
Chemgro SeedsJuniata96.159.03628-May58.082.787.3
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 41396.057.53324-May35.083.7
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-W-29695.957.53826-May66.5
University of MDMD04W249-11-795.461.03727-May00.0
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 325195.359.03527-May03.584.389.6
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 331595.359.93527-May91.089.589.3
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 42794.557.73427-May56.587.9
Steyer SeedsHunker93.957.93528-May48.082.5
Dynagro Seed922392.858.03326-May45.683.0
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-792.357.73425-May40.084.485.6
Syngenta Seeds Inc.Branson92.358.93323-May204.083.285.2
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-2392.358.13225-May08.083.3
Dynagro Seed917192.258.43223-May05.083.9
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 43491.557.13226-May08.5
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 340491.457.03328-May08.0
Chemgro SeedsParadise91.359.13225-May22.088.887.7
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-291.159.63927-May486.579.481.5
VA TechMerl91.060.03625-May80.087.686.9
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 41590.859.93423-May28.083.0
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 361290.658.13524-May75.082.9
Steyer SeedsPierson90.459.13726-May96.5
VA TechVA07W-41590.258.63727-May180.0
Chemgro SeedsDF7589.957.83327-May29.0
Growmark FSFS 81589.857.73527-May85.0
Dynagro Seed934389.058.63627-May84.0
VA TechVA09W-7588.959.73326-May20.0
Dynagro SeedYorktown88.859.83327-May30.0
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R7788.258.13227-May26.5
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R3988.157.93526-May48.078.982.1
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-488.060.13324-May08.0
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-687.956.93124-May05.0
Growmark FSFS 88887.858.93228-May30.085.183.0
Growmark FSFS 82087.759.83425-May28.0
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R3287.458.83426-May41.084.585.6
Ohio Seed ImprovementSunburst87.060.03128-May20.080.882.9
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-W-27086.959.43627-May45.0
Ohio Seed ImprovementMalabar85.858.33828-May48.072.577.1
Ohio Seed ImprovementBromfield85.659.33828-May00.077.678.5
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 152685.357.33923-May46.573.7
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-V-25885.158.83727-May33.585.188.3
Ohio Seed ImprovementHopewell85.057.03627-May22.069.774.8
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-V-25184.458.43227-May40.284.4
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 377083.460.23722-May306.579.682.4
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 399382.859.03327-May145.0
LSD (.05)7.11.4
LSD (.25)4.20.9
CV %5.61.8

Winter Wheat Performance in Lancaster County, 2013

Winter Wheat Performance in Lancaster County, 2013.
SourceEntryHead Type (as reported by seed companies)Yield, bu/ABu Wt (lbs)Height (in.)Percent
2 Yr Avg Yield, bu/A3 Yr Avg Yield, bu/A
University of MDMD04W249-11-7Awned82.856.7325
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 415Awned80.256.130377.7
Growmark FSFS 820Awned78.955.8325
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-2Smooth78.555.2364073.174.2
Dynagro Seed9223Smooth78.354.2341075.8
Dynagro SeedShirleyAwnletted78.352.532380.378.5
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 3404Awned78.254.2338
Chemgro SeedsNewportAwned78.252.23010
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R32Awned78.055.5331079.878.4
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 483Smooth77.854.1345
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 3523Awned77.753.5318
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-4Awned77.656.0290
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-7Smooth77.452.8331576.974.9
Dynagro Seed9042Smooth77.152.831580.777.3
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-23Awned76.952.829375.6
Chemgro SeedsJuniataSmooth76.854.333573.074.2
VA TechVA09W-73Awnletted/Tip Awned76.455.6305
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 434Smooth76.053.7305
Steyer SeedsHunkerSmooth75.954.434573.5
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 413Awned75.751.931773.5
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 3315Awnletted75.054.2323579.379.0
Steyer SeedsHeilmanSmooth74.853.4371573.6
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 3251Awned74.753.334374.075.6
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 474Smooth74.755.2348
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 3612Smooth74.352.2322574.8
Growmark FSFS 815Smooth73.852.13330
Growmark FSFS 888Smooth73.754.1361578.176.9
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-V-25173.753.1311578.8
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-W-29673.654.13715
Chemgro SeedsParadiseAwned73.553.532579.978.2
Dynagro Seed9171Awned73.452.730374.6
AgriMAXX Wheat CompanyAgriMAXX 427Awned73.251.9322077.3
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-6Awned72.752.6308
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-V-25872.452.4371075.976.5
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R40Awned71.953.729082.081.2
Ohio Seed ImprovementBromfieldLong Tip Awns71.454.536870.669.2
Mid Atlantic Seeds, Inc.MAS-26Smooth71.454.23512
Ohio Seed ImprovementMalabarSmooth70.755.1371565.066.0
Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.Mercer Brand 12-W-27070.454.13510
Dynagro SeedYorktownTip Awned70.252.9310
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 3993Smooth70.253.53410
Dynagro Seed9343Smooth68.953.5325
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R39Smooth68.254.0331569.070.0
Ohio Seed ImprovementHopewellApically Awnletted68.153.0342061.264.4
VA TechVA07W-415Awnletted67.747.73510
Ohio Seed ImprovementSunburstSmooth67.054.930370.971.4
Syngenta Seeds Inc.SY 1526Smooth66.950.635364.5
Steyer SeedsPiersonSmooth66.452.3335
Unisouth Genetics, Inc.USG 3770Smooth65.953.5352070.870.0
VA TechVA09W-75Awnletted/Tip Awned65.752.0323
Syngenta Seeds Inc.BransonSmooth65.152.7302069.671.0
Chemgro SeedsDF75Smooth61.251.8323
VA TechMerlAwnletted61.051.931372.670.5
Dupont PioneerPioneer Brand 25R77Awned60.950.6283
LSD (.05)5.41.0
LSD (.25)3.10.6
CV %5.21.3