2012 Bell Pepper Variety Trial

Both ‘5059’ and ‘1819’ produced the highest yields in both number of fruit and weight compared to both ‘Aristotle’ and ‘Archimedes’.
2012 Bell Pepper Variety Trial - Articles


Plot size

Double row 24 feet long x 3 feet between rows - 20 plants per rep.


24 inch - staggered row, 18 inches between rows.

Transplanting date

June 11, 2012 (6-week-old plants).

Production system

Raised bed (30 inches wide) with 0.45 gal/min./100 ft. drip tape.


100 lbs./A of N-P-K. Additional nitrogen was applied through the drip irrigation - 3 applications of 5 gals/ application of Total Feed 4 (4-0-1). Foliar application of BioForge @ 1.0 pt/A and More Power @ 1.0 pt/A was made on June 14, 2012. Also, a foliar application of Stimulate @ 1.0 pt/A and Ca5X @ 1.0 pt/A was made on June 29, 2012. Root Feed II @ 1.0 pt/A was injected through the drip tape on June 20 and 27, 2012.

Harvest Date

September 7 and 18 plus October 4 and 16, 2012.


Randomized Complete Block with 3 replications.

Pepper Varieties

  • 0999-5059
  • PS 1635-1609B
  • PS 0998-3944A
  • PS 0998-3964A
  • Aristotle
  • 0994-1819
  • Archimedes


The weather was very dry and warm in July and August, 2012 at the Horticulture Research Farm, Rock Springs, PA. There was some early plant stress such that the pepper plants were developing very slowly. To help the pepper transplants overcome the stress and resume normal growth and development, the following Stoller USA products were applied to the pepper plants - BioForge, More Power, Stimulate, Ca5X and Root Feed II. Fruit from all varieties were firm at their mature green stage. There were very few red fruit harvested from this trial. Less than 5% of all peppers in the variety trial were non-marketable. All varieties evaluated produced fruit with a quality rating between 4 and 5. Both '5059' and '1819' produced the highest yields in both number of fruit and weight compared to both 'Aristotle' and 'Archimedes'. I have recommended '1819' for the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Vegetable Production Recommendations.

Table 1. The marketable yield of bell pepper varieties grown on the Horticulture Research Farm, Russell E. Larson Research Center, Rock Springs, PA - 2012
VarietyTotal # Fruit/AAvg. fruit Wt. (oz.)Yield T/A# fruit/ plant
PS 1635-1609B184.7610.59.9
PS 0998-3944A191.46.511.29.2
PS 0998-3964A191.35.910.611.1