Welcome Galeton

Posted: May 1, 2013

This past fall the Galeton School District joined our PROSPER family.
New PROSPER families from the Galeton School District

New PROSPER families from the Galeton School District

School co leader Laurel Kosa saw the Bradford program in action several years ago, and since then has worked toward giving families in Galeton the opportunity to be a part of PROSPER.  Thanks to funding provided by Potter County Human Services, and the combined efforts of the Potter County PROSPER Team, 10 families graduated from SFP 10-14 this past November.

The families enjoyed themselves so much they requested Booster sessions for the spring. Seven families returned for the Booster sessions. When asked to give a quote to encourage others to take the program, one of the youth summed it up well - "Hi - this is the best - you get free food, you get to hang out with friends and they are nice plus no homework." One of the parents made a good observation – “Like everything - the more you participate the more you get out. Sure beats sitting home watching TV.

Even the most seasoned parent can benefit from a fresh perspective and take something helpful away from the various sessions.” It is indeed exciting to welcome the Galeton community to PROSPER!