The Wyoming Valley West (WVW) PROSPER Team holds monthly meetings to work on planning, marketing, and implementing the 2 selected evidence-based programs. Many of the team members also attend the annual statewide PROSPER meeting in the spring.

Having grown since it was first formed in 2002, the WVW PROSPER Team now includes youth in the community who have completed the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP: 10-14). The team has also benefited from the involvement of WVW Middle School Principals who attend the monthly team meetings and provide technical, program, and staff support.

The WVW PROSPER Team has held two successful media events highlighting the prevention programming being conducted within the school district. The team has organized many other marketing efforts to raise awareness about PROSPER in the community, including information sessions, digital billboard displays, school board presentations, PTO presentations, and teacher and student contests.

In collaboration with middle school administrators, information about PROSPER and its evidence-based programs has been disseminated throughout the community via links on the school district website, messages on report cards, and e-blasts to parents.

The team has successfully obtained grants and financial support from the school district to continue the SFP: 10-14 each year. Grants include the Safe School Grant and the Dropout Prevention Grant.

Wyoming Valley West PROSPER team members:

  • Melissa Tomascik, Penn State Extension and WVW PROSPER Team Leader
  • Deborah Troy, WVW Middle School principal
  • Jacob Sholtis, WVW Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Charles Suppon, WVW Middle School Assistant Principal 
  • Shawn Kelly, WVW Middle School guidance counselor
  • Debbie Kester, WVW Middle School guidance counselor
  • Bob Keenan, WVW Middle School guidance counselor
  • Louise Menendez, LCCC and SFP:10-14 program assistant
  • Janine Olshefski, Wyoming Valley Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Miriam Bakewell, United Way of Wyoming Valley
  • Rebecca Glassman-Payne, Luzerne County Children and Youth Services
  • Christy Tomascik, Penn State Prevention Research Center
  • Susan Musto, parent
  • Kate Musto, young adult community member
  • Syrah Musto, young adult community member
  • Madison Yoh, youth, WVW student
  • Leah Payne, youth, WVW student
  • Samantha Cherinka, youth, WVW student
  • Emma Kilgallon, youth, WVW student
  • Annabelle Wojciechowski, youth, WVW student

Contact Information

  • Research Technologist
Phone: 570-825-1701