The Salisbury PROSPER Team, in collaboration with the middle school, offers both an in-school and a family-focused program. Unlike other agencies and organizations, the PROSPER Team supports the delivery of programs designed to promote skills that are relevant and meant to be beneficial to all youth and families, not just those “at risk.” By implementing both a school and a family program, youth are supported in the two most important domains of their lives, home and school.

PROSPER Programs in Salisbury:

All Stars is delivered to Salisbury 7th graders throughout the school year. All Stars is designed to delay or prevent the onset of substance abuse, violence, sexual activity, and other risky behaviors by fostering positive personal characteristics. Classes are held on Fridays for twelve weeks in the winter/spring during the reading period. Families of the 7th graders are invited to a graduation ceremony in the spring to hear their children state their commitment to remain drug, alcohol, tobacco, and violence free. During the ceremony, the PROSPER team presents each youth with a certificate of completion as a reminder of the personal commitment they made.

The Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP: 10-14) has been offered each year to middle school students and their parents. This program features a concurrent parent-only and youth-only hour long segment, followed by an hour long joint family segment. Interactive sessions include role playing, discussions, learning games, and family projects. SFP 10-14 is taught to a group of 8 to 13 families over a period of seven weeks. Contact Mr. Dorward, School Counselor, to find out more about this free program! These programs have been carefully selected based on compelling scientific evidence that they are effective for helping youth lead successful lives. To ensure that these programs are implemented as designed year after year, the PROSPER Team receives guidance from Penn State Extension and prevention researchers at Penn State’s Prevention Research Center.

To Participate in Salisbury PROSPER programs, contact Michael Dorward—

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