Team Contacts

Sherry Black, Principal, Monessen Middle School

Sherry Black, Principal, Monessen Middle School

Patty Graff - Team Leader

Penn State Cooperative Extension in Westmoreland County
214 Donohoe Road, Suite E
Greensburg, PA 15601

Sherry Black - Team Co-Leader

Monessen Middle School
1245 State Road, Monessen, PA 15062
Monessen, PA 18407

Monessen PROSPER Team Members

  • Linda Marcolini - Superintendent, Monessen City School District
  • Jessica Anderson - The Family Center
  • Sheila Baker - The Family Center
  • Bob Brinker - Parent & Family Services of Southwest Pennsylvania
  • Amelia Ann Grace - Community Volunteer
  • Donna Kean - Director, Saint Vincent College Prevention Projects, Inc.
  • Teresa Seh - Monessen Communities that Care, Inc.
  • Cathy Straub - Prevention Coordinator, Penn State Extension
  • Anne Marie Tom - Community Volunteer
  • Loren Vivio - Southwest Pennsylvania Human Services
  • Roxanne Weekley - Private Industry Council

The Monessen PROSPER Team meets monthly throughout the year. If you would like to become a member of the team, please contact Patty Graff.