The Jim Thorpe PROSPER Team holds monthly meetings to work on planning, marketing, and implementing the selected evidence-based programs. Many of the team members also attend the annual statewide PROSPER meeting in the spring.

The Jim Thorpe PROSPER Team rebuilt itself in 2006 after a new elementary school was built in the district. The team now includes members from the second elementary school, other social service agencies, and youth members from the community.

Team members organize classroom visits to create greater awareness about PROSPER in the community. These small meetings help teachers, students, and families better understand PROSPER and the evidence-based programs. The Jim Thorpe PROSPER Team has even created four different games for youth to play to learn about the evidence-based programs.

The team has held several fundraisers each semester at both elementary schools in the district to support the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP: 10-14). Previous fundraisers include yard sales, raffles, auctions, and school dances to raise funds to support future programming.

In addition to fundraising, the Jim Thorpe PROSPER Team has received grants and donations to continue PROSPER programming. Recently the SFP: 10-14 was selected to receive funds from the Carbon County United Way.

Jim Thorpe PROSPER team members

  • Mindy Graver
  • Holly Mordaunt
  • Brian Gasper 
  • Larissa Kimmel
  • Shawn Kopp
  • Evalynn Kuehner
  • Jamie Kunkel
  • David McAndrew Jr.
  • Mary Lou McGeehan
  • Jamie Drake
  • Rob Mikulski
  • Melanie Zeigler

Contact Information

Melinda Graver
  • Educator
Phone: 570-325-2788