PROSPER is a model for bringing evidence-based prevention programs to schools and communities with the goal of strengthening families, building youth skills, and reducing youth substance use as well as other problem behaviors.

PROSPER (PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience)  programs are led by community teams made up of representatives from Penn State Extension, school district personnel, representatives from community service agencies, parents, youth, and other community members.


Strong Social and Emotional Skills = Success
June 27, 2017
Greater social and emotional competence can increase academic achievement, high school graduation, career success, positive family and work relationships, better mental health, reduced criminal behavior, and engaged citizenship.
Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences
May 12, 2017
Parent-teacher conferences are an important vehicle for home-school communication and family involvement in schools.To have an effective meeting with your child's teacher, prepare for the meeting by jotting down some questions beforehand, share updates with your child's teacher, and be open minded regarding the feedback you receive.
The Joy of Slowing Down
January 11, 2017
Many parents are harried running their children from activity to activity. But is the level of involvement right for the family? Learn what parents can do to examine their pace of life and determine if it's a good fit for them and their children.