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Below are resources from Penn State Better Kid Care to support children’s capacity to develop socially and emotionally. Look around  CYTTAP  & Better Kid Care websites for comprehensive resources in caring for children. And stay in touch - Subscribe  to our monthly newsletter and Like us on Facebook!

On Demand Distance Education Lessons

To access lessons, log into On Demand and search lesson title by related knowledge area.
  • All By Myself: Self Help Skills in Childcare 1 hr.
  • Baby Play 1 hr.
  • Creating the Bond – Attachment 1 hr.
  • Giving Children Appropriate Choices 1hr.
  • Giving Your Best: Making Secure Attachments 2 hr.
  • Re-Thinking Praise 1 hr.
  • Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old 1 hr.
  • Through The Eyes of a Four Year Old 1 hr.
  • Through the Eyes of a Three Year Old 1 hr.
  • Through the Eyes of a Toddler Old 1 hr.
  • Through The Eyes of an Infant 1 hr.
  • Understand & Support Children’s Language and Social/Emotional Development 2 hr.
  • Understand and Help Stressed Children 1 hr.
  • Understanding Temperament 1 hr.

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To access articles, click directly on the article link or search articles by knowledge area on this page.

Vodcasts & Discussion Starters

To access Vodcast, click on title or search for vodcast titles on the CYTTAP media page Before watching the Vodcast, download the corresponding "Discussion Starter"(pdf) to use as a guide along with the Vodcast.

Stress-Seeing with Optimism (vodcast)
    BKC-Caregiver Sensitivity (vodcast)

    Parents Count – Practical Tips for Parents

    To access Parents Count articles, click article directly or search by title or content at

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